Paranoia Agent

Season 1 Episode 12

Radar Man

Aired Sunday 12:00 AM Aug 13, 2005 on Cartoon Network

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  • After a slow explanation in the previous episode, Paranoia Agent heads full speed for it's OTT showdown.

    Now that most of the information that would essentially slow the last two episodes down is out of the way, the series picks up speed like a hurtling freight train as one character heads for a collision course with their repressed memories.

    Radar Man is completely off the wall. Though it's never official, Maniwa becomes Radar Man, an avenger against Lil' Slugger,who, in turn, has now transformed beyond his teenage serial attacker persona. There's certainly a feeling that what we thought we knew about Paranoia Agent is about to go out the window. Gone is a story about a serial attacker, as it finally reveals it's true intentions. Again, as I've always stated this show is a comment on the human psyche in Japan's isolated society. That theme still manages to come though despite this installment being an action packed episode (cliche alert!). Despite Maniwa's super-heroic intentions, you feel more for Ikari as you know he's gonna break out of that 2D world somehow and use his real world cynicism against the illusion. Anyways, more about that in the final episode review.

    Radar Man (the episode) explains a lot to the viewer while holding back the final, major pieces. Again, illusion and animation brings the fighting to comic book proportions. A lot of this episode has to do with illusions, Maniwa talking and working with the dolls is unclear (real or not?) but it's meant to be as if we're always seeing Maniwa as he percieves the world, hence the crazy fights and fantasy costume. Which is reinforced by his actual appearence by more sane characters (the dad with the woodshed for example)

    The episode works well since the background material is readied in the previous installment, leaving it free for a faster, looser pace. Which was a problem for previous multi-layer epiodes. Radar Man is an awesome episode, especially since we know the topography is finally revealed (the golden bat, Maromi, Lil' Slugger).

    And then...
  • The truth has been revealed.Lil'Slugger and Maromi are the same.And this episode explains why.

    After Maniwa was fired from being a detective it doesnt stop him from being involved with Lil'Slugger.He has become "Radar Man"(*cough*).After a battle with Lil'Slugger-Who has evolved from a boy with a bat to a demon of sorts-Man-errr "Radar Man" seeks information about Lil'Slugger in the strangest places.We learn of Tsukiko's past and how Maromi came to be.Maromi and Lil'Slugger are one in the same.Maromi is trying to protect Tsukiko and all the Maromi merchandise disappears.Only Tsukiko can stop this I believe.The show is getting close to the climax as you can tell by this episode.One question remains which is the reason why I didn't give this a perfect score....Will Lil'Slugger be destroyed?If he even Can be?
  • Ex-detective Maniwa tries to fight off and end the reign of lil Slugger...but can he do it?

    The episode was very exciting. Maniwa fights lil Slugger but he can't defeat him at his present state. he ventures out for solutions when he runs into small dolls that he can only see. The dolls show him origins of lil Slugger and he is linked to an attack on a little gilr by the name of Tsukiko! How can this be since this happened 10 years ago? Maniwa, or Radar Man, ventures to Tsukio's old home which is now occupied by her father. She used to have a dog named Maromi, but it had died, or been killed. A golden bat was in Maromi's dog house, which symbolized the protection a father had for his daughter and that it wasn't Tsukiko's fault Maromi died. With the bat Maniwa found, he can now successfully fight the now monstrous lil Slugger. The only problem is, can Tsukiko accept she wasn't to blame? it seems Maromi has agendas of her own. With the maromis in the world suddenly dissappearing, the false barrier of protection has vanished in the city. Now reality returns, and all the problems that had been solved from lil Slugger have gone. The city is in chaos again. Can Maniwa stop lil Slugger once and for all now that he knows Maromi is the same as lil Slugger?
  • Eye opening and intriguing at the same time, Lil Slugger becomes scarier and the younger detective become Radar Man to fight Lil Slugger. Freaky how all the Maromis vanish by the end of the episode and still don't know what happened to Miss Sagi and her s

    Loved it. As scary as Lil Slugger has become in this episode, one still can't help but to shout out to Miss Sagi and stand behind her. The next episode is sure to be rather anti climatic and dramatic. One does wonder what's going to happen in the end though.