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    Not good at all I hated this show from the very first episode I mean come on a kid with a bat how could you be scared of that and he is on rollerblades which makes him even less scarier because just trip him up and he is completely helpless and about the episodes a guy going around stilling money and making little girls call him daddy it’s just retarded and a Japan cop is killed by a kid with a weird bat and an rollerblades that is really illogical and people trying to kill themselves and failing that’s just bad scripting especially when the kid runs away from them why would he do that he’s trying to kill them.
  • Too much confusion going on in the series.

    I remember seeing the preview of this show on [adult swim] and I thought to myself that the show looked really good because it looks like it has some good suspence. I started watching the show. I was very puzzled after I watched most of the episodes. The intro makes no sence because they show people laughing. The question is that why do some characters in the series act so insane and chaotic, why does some of the women end up looking like prostitutes, and why are they being targeted by Little Slugger. All I know is that the show is about Little Slugger invading the city hitting people with the bat. But he said he's accually a knight on his quest to defeat some evil character Gooma. On the [as] preview they never explained about Lil Slugger being a knight. The series don't really explain well about his actions nor the plot. If only they'll give us more details of the saga then it will get interesting. Overall this a very disappointment to the [as] ACTN block.
  • This Is One Anime I could talk all day about it's hard to understand but very worth watching It's a mystery type trying to figure out the true nature of Lil Slugger

    First off those who say this anime blows simply say such as They cant comprehend it's brilliance. Lil Slugger a Street assilant that is attacking people who are emotionally cornered.The people in this anime are weak they would rather take the easy way out rather than come to terms with there problem and face reality even if it means death people would rather the easy way instead of overcome the problem. This Anime is something you'll need to put on your thinking cap for because it's very confusing and hard to understand it's almost impossible to understand but what i like so much about this anime is it actually makes you think hardly if any of the questions are answered in it resulting in us having to use our brains and imaginations, it's also a very disturbing anime with serious issues such as suicide,and death,also very heavy violence so i wouldn't recomend it to anyone under age 14
  • Without a doubt, the strangest show I've ever watched, but strangely addictive.

    Have to admit, there were times I thought the writers were insane as I tried to puzzle out what was happening. But it all made sense in the end... sort of.

    There's a few things that make this series so compelling - lovely animation, excellent dialogue and an intriguing premise. But what hooked me was the way Lil' Slugger's story was written. Somehow he has the ability to appear to people who are desperate, who need an out and he gives it to them, though in some cases it's only a temporary respite. He also apparently has the ability to appear and disappear at will. This immediately shows this is no normal attacker, but there must be something extraordinary at work.

    Each of the 'victims' has a secret and each episode focuses specifically on one of them, while showing the other characters in relation to that person. That is what makes the series so fascinating - it's about the same events but from multiple points of view. Each episode is unique and adds another piece to the puzzle. A plethora of complex and varied characters drive the series.

    Must add that the exceptionally creepy mascot, Maromi, is an absolute highlight.

    The last episode deals with the reason for everything that has happened and it's a twist no-one saw coming.

    There is a great deal of social commentary here and it is very well done, though in a very unorthadox way. But the bizarre storyline is Paranoia Agent's charm. It is confusing, unpredictable but very satisfying. This show is definitely a case of 'still waters running deep'. Riveting.
  • Disturbing, but Interesting

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  • Paranoia Agent is about a chain of people who are in corners and that are attacked by Little Slugger (A kid with a golden baseball bat.). Mean while detectives Keiichi and Mitsuhiro try to find out who or what Little Slugger is.

    Paranoia Agent is really different then your normal anime. Unlike other animes Paranoia Agent isn't filled with action, explosions, great fight scene's. While this sounds like a bad thing Paranoia Agent makes up for this with a great chain of characters, it's great drama, and multiple events in the show which will have you on your feet. And, this is why I love this anime so much, because it's just so different then your typical anime. The anime also has a theme which you might have to watch all the episodes multiple times to grasp it. Speaking of which you might also find your self confuse during the course of the anime and if you do find your self confuse just message me or watch the episode again to clear your confusion. Overall I love everything about this anime. It's characters,it's atmosphere, it's ending, ect. So try to catch this anime some time and give it a try.
  • Random, but great!

    Even though this show is completly random, i love it. The Episodes build on each other leaving you so caught up in it. It was impossible for me to ever guess what was going to happen next. Even if i thought i had figured it out, there would always be a twist in the next episode that would leave you more confused. After the show ended, it took me few days to fully realize what had happened. I'd give it a 10, but since there were only 13 episodes, I got to give it a 9.4
  • Highs: Erratic plotline that always keeps you guessing; beautiful animation and music Lows: Said plotline has a few major disappointments

    My suggestion to anyone who wishes to see Paranoia Agent is to watch it all on the very same day; sleepless nights await anyone who does not. The engrossment level of this anime skyrockets straight from the bat with a grand slam of incredible art, animation, music and originality in its opening credits. The quality and creativity seen stays present and constant throughout the whole television series. These traits are even on par with even theatrical releases by the same director, Kon Satoshi, which says a lot when looking at Millennium Actress and Tokyo Godfathers. The captivation for this anime grows exponentially with the gradual introduction of a cast of psychologically intense and perturbed characters, all linked in some way to a roller-blading assailant.

    This series suffers a huge blow in episode 5, however, when it appears to display a premature resolution... and a hugely disappointing one at that. Where was the anime going to go from there? What could they possibly do to keep things interesting from then on? I was terrified at the idea such a great beginning could be all for naught. Yet, even while having lost a bit of its focus, Paranoia Agent manages to resume the mystery. Some of the few filler episodes dropped here and there afterwards are pretty entertaining. The actual ending explains just enough to feel complete and leaves a few floating uncertainties, making it a good conversation subject once it is all over.

    Even with a few wrong turns, this is still Kon Satoshi magic. Its psychological suspense could be compared to Perfect Blue but on a larger scale because of the number of main characters working in this puzzling script by Boogiepop Phantom's Minakami Seishi. A great deal of intrigue and surprises are just a swing of a bat away.
  • A little girl, with the ability to summon entities from her subconscience, unleashes a demon-like boy upon the unsuspecting populus.This boy (lil' slugger) claims victims by hitting them over the head with his golden baseball bat.

    This show is confusing if you don't pay attention to even the smallest of details. The story behind the story, which is very important to the plot, is hard to see from the surface. It isn't until the very end when the story starts to unfold itself, where it will make you say to yourself: "Oh,.....okay, I get it now.". The show really has a psychology undertoe to it. It explores mental disorders by giving a first-person view to the viewer. Each of lil' slugger's victims are suffering from some kind of dehabilitating personality disorder, which they are freed from once they are attacked by him.
  • The cleverly named paranoia agent is very enthusiastic with exploiting the strange "issues" some people have, which is mostly the highlight of the show.


    I can't say I don't like the view of perfection, but when it gets too perfect is just when everybody starts wondering what is it that the government is hiding from us all? thanks to the ever so wonderful paranoia agent we can all stop worrying because there are still some problems in the world, they might not all be about diseases, but they ARE just as deadly.

    paranoia agent is about a rumor gone way out of control that somehow becomes the answer to people's problems by just giving them a whack on the head =]

    The best part of this drama is that it really makes you want to watch it again since what happens on each episode leads to what happens on the next whether the simple details or the major story line it has for just 13 episodes.

    it truly is a heart stopper "not apt for a cardiac"
  • Who thought of this because this anime got me guessing, a lot!

    When I began watching this show I thought I understood what was going on. I didn't. This show got me thinking and guessing. Paranoia Agent is a great mystery based anime that I think people who see this show will like it, or not. Since this show made me guess I had to keep on watching it untill it was over. Oh, and the Opening song is cool. I like it.
  • This is the single most self important anime I\'ve seen in some time, and that\'s saying quite a lot.

    This show is a stupid pretentious load of pseudointellectual garbage, with no redeeming qualities whatsoever.

    But of course, if I don\'t like it, it isn\'t because I have a brain and can think for myself, oh no, it\'s because I\'m too stupid to \"get it\". As if there was anything to get.

    If you are an elitist and enjoy telling people how stupid they are for not liking the same TV shows as you then I suppose you may like paranoia agent, if not then you may not like it.

    Seeing as how I\'ve said all I wanted to say but need another ten words to hit the hundred word minimum I think I\'ll write this.
  • This is an amazing show for only one season of work. I hope there are more episodes to come, as this show is good anime art with a great story and good use of imagery.

    If you've seen this show and asked yourself "WTF?" the first time you saw it, I can understand. As I kept watching the episodes, I started to understand the hidden intricacies of the show, seperating fantasy and the "reality" within the show's universe. It's a good show (albeit a cartoon) with the message of personal responsibility. The nemesis of the show, "Lil' Slugger," is simply a lie told that gets out of hand. We can relate to all the victims, too, as we, at one point or another, are cornered with real-life problems. I appreciate how the show gives you the backgrounds and current happenings of all the victims, as well as their relations (or lack thereof) with the main side character of the show, Tsukiko Sagi.

    I also like the humor placed within the show, as it's not too much to make the show a comedy, but it's in there once in a while to breakup the seriousness of the show.

    The show also has a good message of personal responsibility, as I said before. Ms. Sagi's lie results in a police investigation that deeply affects the show's main star of the show, Masami Hirukawa. He becomes so involved with the investigation, seeing to resolve a problem as a way to find the answers to his own personal problems. If you have a DVR, tape it and watch it later. This is one not to miss.
  • Although it might be kind of odd, this anime is one of my favorites.

    When I stumbled across this anime on Adult Swim one night, I must admit, I thought it was a pretty strange anime show. But I was also instantly hooked and it's strangness is what got my attention and makes me like it so much.
    Always after Little Slugger, yet stumbling onto some other odd cases, this show always keeps your attention, and always keeps you guessing at what will happen next.
    Anyone who likes anime should check this show out, and even if you aren't a fan of Japanese animation, this show will also have you interested too.
    It certainly is worth checking out.
  • Are you emotionally cornered? If so, there\'s nothing like a blow to head with a golden bat to relieve all your stress!!!!

    Paranoia Agent is awesome! It\'s one of the better shows Adult Swim has ever had to offer!! The end kinda freaks you out a litte, but its a good freak out! Don\'t rule anything out when you watch Paranoia Agent. The episodes aren\'t all that serious but it is quite addictive to find out who/what Lil\' Slugger is. You\'ll have a blast watching it! If your lookin\' for a comedy show Paranoia Agent is not that! Its in a class of it\'s own. It\'s funny, serious, a little scary at times, but entertaining all the time!!! If nothing else, it\'ll make you never want to tell a lie to cover up one of your mistakes again. If you do, it just might come back to kick you in the rear (or in the back of the head with a golden bat)
    Watch it!
    I give it four weebles our of five!!!
  • Very Creepy but, great Anime.

    The Opening is very creepy and scary for me beacause I am a preteen. My brother and I watch this at night and it is so scary in the dark. I want to see the episodes but its so late I am usally asleep. Great Plot. Again this is NOT a childrens show. A Great anime.
  • And now for something...completly different!

    Read any of my reviews and you'll come to the correct conclusion that I am hard to please...especially with Japanese Animation, but every so often a show comes along that I really like, this is one of them!

    Unlike most anime that revolves around the same old crap that you can find in any number of anime, this one works with a more cerebral approach, there's alot of symbolism in it as well, like mental illness and death, but they disguise the main theme of the episodes with well woven and often dark storytelling. Conditions of the mind seem to be a recurring theme, but it's a good thing! If you are looking for an anime that makes you think this is for you! Deep stories, and excellent artwork makes for a great show! It's just so unique!

    I don't hand out good reviews like candy! So this truely is something special!
  • Reality is what every Humanbeing must face, getting hit in the head with a bat and a cartoon dog is not the answer.

    This is one of the best anime shows I have ever watched on Adult Swim. Its like a Miazaki film but as a series and its great that the character designer worked in Miazaki's films such as Princess Mononoke and Sprited Away. This show may seem during the middle of the series but it makes a lot of since in the long run. The show makes you question your own mind and the things you try to hide from people in reality. You have to face reality sometime one way or the other. You cannot always rely on something that happened to you or just watching your favorite cartoon. You have to face it one way or another.
  • 10 out of 10.

    Paranoia Agent is the brainchild of Satoshi Kon (Millennium Actress, Tokyo Godfathers) and it is brilliant. This is an Anime that taps in to all different emotions, especially that of paranoia, hence the name. The Anime is about a series of brutal and mysterious attacks on various people. All the people are linked in various ways, and it is up to the police to find out who did these crimes. After much investigating, the police come to the conclusion that the attacker is Lil’ slugger, a young boy who rollerblades around town wacking people with his baseball bat. The only problem is catching him; no one knows the identity of him. Overall Paranoia Agent is one of my favourite Animes as it is completely different from other things I have seen. Don’t get me wrong this Anime, isn’t for everyone, as it is fairly dark and it deals with adult subjects, but it should be watched by all self respecting Anime fans. The show has great music, storylines and characters. 10 out of 10.
  • Pure story, masterpiece, meaningful.

    Paranoia agent interesting name isn\'t it? I thought so too when i started watching it, i expected some action, but instead a whole amazing unusual story unraveled itself before my eyes. A little ocmical at times, a little sad, but so deep. This anime isn\'t at all like other it is mostly based on story and has meaninig behind every single thing, and action that takes place in this anime. The beggining intro clues you in into the hidding meaning behind little slugger. You keep watching in anticipation, who will be struck next, and free\'d? You keep wondering what that old man is writing and what those prophetic visions mean. Then \"BANG\" it all reveals itself in the end, and leaves you to wonder more and more about little slugger and life as we know it.
  • Whenever stress ocurs, 'lil slugger strikes! In this Anime/Mystery/Drama/Just plain weird show, nothing is impossible.

    This show is about a string of attacks in Japan brought on by a boy in golden in-lie roller baldes who wields a golden bat curved like a dog's leg. While disturbing, Paranoia Agent offers social commentary on many things. A lot of the symbolism will only be recognized at first by Japanese audiences, and 'lil slugger is a parady of a string of recent japanese attacks done almost exactly the same way. There are however, adult themes, and a lot of violence, so if you watch Paranoia Agent, be sure to keep that in mind. The series is unique in that there is no actual ending. This way all the fans could be happy. The ending is that of an allegory, was 'Lil slugger real? or was he a figment of someone's overactive imagination? I would definately recommend this show to anyone who enjoys a thrill.
  • The most innovative and experimental anime since Eva.

    First off, I want to say this to those who gave this show bad reviews: those who only watched a few episodes (most of you), watch the rest, it'll make more sense. Those of you who did watch the whole thing, try renting or borrowing the DVDs and watch it at some time that isn't 3 am, because (and this isn't your fault) there's a good chance that the late hour impaired your ability to catch the subtle themes.

    Now on to the actual review: this blew me away, from beginning to end. The eclectic mix of symbols, including the extremely powerful revelation about the relationship between Maromi and Little Slugger, can make it a bit hard to follow at times, but (with the exception of Ep. 8 "Happy Family Planning" for me) the end of the episode usually makes clear the intent of the episode as a whole. Not to mention it's the only story I've yet found where a baseball bat actually isn't a phallic symbol (a difficult thing to achieve, in my book).

    All said, Satoshi Kon and the rest of the staff of the show have earned my complete respect for branching out and succeeding phenomenally.
  • A kid named Lil' Slugger hits people who are mentally/emotionally cornered with a baseball bat, and a cute little talking pink doll tries to help people feel safe. An amazing series.

    This series is positively creepy, and I mean that in a good way. The horror is just brilliantly animated and it really looks rather real. The plot twists and turns and it hooks you on the first episode. The dialouge is brilliantly written, and the voice actors did impressive as well. The characters were all characters that you could sympathize with, from Maniwa, the dectective who is assigned to the case and eventually snaps, though he gets closer than anybody ever does at solving the case. To Tsukiko, the first victim of Lil' Slugger but he has plenty of things to hide. The ending is either pleasant or creepy the way that you look at it. I gave it a 10/10 because the plot is perfectly scary, the voice actors are fantastic and have a lot of emotion, and the animation is fantastic.
  • I think that this is one of the best shows that i have ever seen, and i like to continue to see the episodes because i have not seen all 13 episodes only 7 so i give this show 2 thumbs way up!!

    the show i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i love it!
  • such a great show!

    this show is really great if viewed from the beginning. otherwise, the plot doesnt feel right. i myself had seen the whole series in japanese, so i knew it was good. i like the suspense and drama that you can get from this show. this is such a weird show, but you should enjoy it nonetheless.
  • a pink character trys to control people and there is a boy with a golden bat that hits people when they get stuck in a corner. at the end they both meet and the japan is somewhat destroyed

    weird show i dont know why i watched it but i did but it was weirdly interesting.

    a pink character trys to control people and there is a boy with a golden bat that hits people when they get stuck in a corner. at the end they both meet and the japan is somewhat destroyed.
  • Its original plot (for an anime) and dialogue certainly deserves a thumbs up.

    Paranoia Agent started when a girl named tsukiko, creator of the all-popular Maromi, ran out of ideas for a new Maromi design, and walks down a street on a dark night, only to be seen with an old lady who looks around trash cans for goodies. Then, he came. Skated towards Tsukiko, his bent bat dragging across the concrete road. And in a flash, Tsukiko was knocked unconscious. The mysterious chain of assaults begins.

    Geneon is one of my favorite anime production company. With shows like Cowboy Bebop and Tenchi Muyo, they are on a roll. And their reputation keeps growing due to their show's originality and visuals. Paranoia Agent covers both of these with shining confidence.

    The show does not focus on one main character but a variety of characters. Each episode shows one man or woman or kid who has a different lifestyle, either rich or middle class or even poor. So you'll never see the same character, with the exceptions of the chief, his assistant, Tsukiko, Ichi and his tutor, and Lil Slugger. But all of these characters have one thing in common -- their lives suck.

    The show's script is a little hard to understand. You'll see endless cuts from one date in time to another, usually losing you and your understanding towards the show's mystery. But I happen to barely cling on the storylines, and eventually get what the show is trying to say to me, the viewer.

    Paranoia Agent makes a fine addition to the anime genre, and along with its counterpart Samurai Champloo, it has given me another reason to watch Adult Swim.
  • Decent show with a final episode that I didn't understand at all.

    This show was pretty good till the gay final episode (by the way the final episode is called The Final Episode). The show is 13 episodes long with some very interesting episodes and some lame episodes but overall it was good. The ending they gave the show was just gay. The opening song of the show is particularly annoying and ending one isn't that bad. This show is good overall but I warn you that the ending is bad.
  • This show is about a kid who hurts people with his golden bat. What kind of show is this? It is a bad excuse of

    This show is unoriginal. The only reason I gave this a show a point at all was because it had okay animation. It was almost like it was stolen from a Nightmare on Elm Street movie. Lil' slugger will only attack people, who are emotionally cornered. Freddy Krugger will only attack those who are scared of him or think of him. Why would anyone watch this show? The voice actors in this show aren't good. There is hardly any storyline. This show was only thirteen episodes long. When I found out this show was going to end, I was really happy. Instead of having a rerun of this show on thursday night, I was able to watch Inuyasha instead. I hope this show never airs any reruns again.
  • Ugh, what a horrible show and a waste of time.

    Oh god, this show is soo bad. It was one of adult swim's few mistakes. The only show that can get off hitting people is FLCL. This show is just, jsut soo gay. I warn all viewers out there, stay clear of Paranoia Agent, be warned of its horribleness. Sooo gay.
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