Paranoia Agent

Season 1 Episode 13

The Final Episode

Aired Sunday 12:00 AM Aug 20, 2005 on Cartoon Network
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The Final Episode
A dark formless flow that Maniwa identifies as Lil' Slugger starts to overrun Tokyo as a result of Maromi's disappearance. Meanwhile in Ikari's world, Ikari comfortable hangs about his world with Tsukiko tagging along. With the help of the old man, Misae appears and says goodbye to Keiichi as she fades away. Ikari realizes that the world he is in isn't real and tears it apart as the building blocks of the world turn out to be Maromi dolls. Back in their dilapidated world, Lil' Slugger appears as Maniwa appears with a weapon that can destroy Lil' Slugger... or not.moreless

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  • Tokyo is engulfed by a cloud of black smoke, killing and injuring everyone in its path, The real reason of 'Li'l Slugger'--Tsukiko let her puppy Maromi die by getting run over by a car while she had cramps.moreless

    This was--without question--the most confusing episode of the whole series! All this because of a little girl lied about being attacked and letting her puppy die--letting go of her lead and getting run over flat by a passing car while getting cramps--all because she's afraid of her strict Daddy! The rest of the show was OK, though.
  • "The final Episode" Is one of the greatest episodes by far besides "Radar man Because it shows Lil' Slugger as a Giant beast! It was cool.

    This episode starts with Ikari and Tsukiko Walking in ikari's world. Everyone looks like paper mario. (jk) Someone mentions Lil' Slugger and Tsukiko gasps. Maromi keeps saying how she'll protect Tsukiko always. Then it switches to the real world and Lil' Slugger has turned into a Giant blob and is attacking people. Radar man tries to get a hold of Ikari but fails because Ikari throws a rock at the Tv showing Radar man. Then Ikari realizes this isn't real so he takes a bat and tears apart his world. Maniwa tries to kill Lil' Slugger but fails. We find out that Maromi and Lil' Slugger are the same. Tsukiko Created him and Maromi when her pet dog, "Maromi" got ran over by a truck. She made him up because she was afraid of her father getting on to her. Then Ikari and Tsukiko get eaten by the blob and everything resets. It seems like everyone that was in the story has different postions. I think Ikari is a construction worker, and Tsukiko looks different and she sees her father and looks at her but doesn't remember her. Then The credits roll and It ends.

    I loved that episode and i hope to do more reviews in the near future.moreless
  • ¡Un final perfecto!

    Este es un capítulo que no se puede explicar con palabras. Hay que verlo. Porque la resolución del misterio de Paranoia Agent es mucho más que quien es el chico del bate, sino que además la respuesta contiene lo que significa. Capítulo lleno de fuerza, metafórico y con un nivel de animación que sublima lo ontológico y que habla sobre la dimensión de lo real gracias a una prodigiosa puesta en escenamoreless
  • THAT WAS THE TWIST? So simple, yet so effective...

    Okay, first off there's spoilers. Heck, you've noticed it on the "terrible" review written under this one.

    So what started off as an animated noir-thriller, Paranoia Agent changes genres and goes down the standard Anime Apocalypse route. But hang on there, it's not bad at all. There's real effort to refresh the idea here. While I'm not completely satisfied of how it turned out, I'm still giving it the full 10/10 for that twist.

    I love a good twist or two; Memento had me reeling for days and became my fave film, other than Chungking Express (no twist), because of it. Here it's the same deal. The end is what I stuck out for despite the red herrings and lapses in logic. No matter how you think about it, you still wouldn't have come to the conclusion that it started with a dog getting run over. But it's not just about that. There's a loss of innocence and the painful entrance to adulthood, as bleak as the show can make it too. At first, it looks like she just had cramps as one or two people have misjudged here. Tsukiko had period pains and that's what caused her to get distracted. The real Maromi (who's weirdly pink!) is killed during Tsukiko coming on for the first time. Something a few reviews I noticed failed to point out. Hence why Lil' Slugger's inception into the world is so cold against humankind. The twist is so alarmingly simple it works going against the complex nature of the last tweleve episodes.

    So the giant black mass attacking everyone willing to be swallowed up (with cameos from Ichi, Maria et al at their darkest moments) and fighting a giant Maromi doll seems far fetched, but it was heading this way like it or not. Again, the destruction is a little nod to Japan's nuclear attacks ("It's just like after the war" comments Ikari). Since the destruction hasn't totalled eveything, there's a chance to start again. I like the way everything echos the very first scenes of PA, now with everyone communicating, arguing through the use technology. Ikari finally realises there's no point in fighting to stay in this world and resigns to be a lonely man and Mainwa finally becomes the old man hinted at early in the series...and yes, one day apparently...It's going to happen again. Another comment on how, maybe, Japan will never break free of it's isolation.

    I'd say "and then..." just like the episode endings but that's it folks. My second favourite anime goes out with a sinister smile and bat glinting in the moonlight.moreless
  • The episode starts with Ikari and Tsukiko roaming around Ikari\'s two dimensional world.When they eventually come across Misae who is on the verge of death. But when she does die everything starts to click in Ikari\'s mind about his world.moreless

    Well, I must say that this was the weirdest episode in all of Paranoia Agent. But then again I did like the fact that everything came together and Ikari started to go crazy and destroy the 2D world. I found it to be very weird when the the buildings that Ikari detraoyed were all made of Maromi dolls. In fact!!! The whole world was made of them. The big dark cloud that was laying waste to the city, kinda threw me off is to who it was trying to kill. But when I saw it going after Tsukiko and Ikari, I knew it wanted her.moreless

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