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Paranoia was an inventive game show that originally aired on Fox Family (before the channel became ABC Family). Peter Tomarken hosted this fast-paced, live game show that revolved around one contestant literally battling against everyone in the country. There would competitors stationed at spots around the US, who would play via satellite. Also, people at home could play along either on the internet or by calling a toll-free number. All these people, when correctly answering a question, would take money away from the studio contestant, who himself had to answer the questions correctly to keep as much money as possible. Once the satellite players were out, either by missing three questions or by the studio contestant knocking them out, he or she would advance to the bonus round. In the bonus round, the contestant must choose from one of 10 categories. 9 of the categories will multiply his or her remaining money by 10, but one will increase it 100 times. The show only lasted during its four-week test period, but there were some exciting moments.moreless