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  • Zak is A Quack

    Zak Bagans majored in communications/ television production so he certainly wasn't wet behind the ears when he pitched the idea of a "ghost show" to variety of cable networks.

    The fact is the paranormal doesn't exist. Proponents of the paranormal can argue their side until their faces turn blue. They have no ground to stand on without evidence. After over 100 years of science investigating claims of the paranormal there isn't one piece of empirical data supporting "otherworldly" occurrences as being valid.

    Today the cable networks are saturated with mind-numbingly foolish comedy dramas (reality shows) set to the tune of ghostbusters. The popularity is waning now, just like it is with "Honey Boo Boo" and the numerous shows about midget families,etc.

    Zak Bagans succeeded as a shrewd businessman producing a popular, faked, "reality" show that serves no purpose other than affording Bagans a cushy lifestyle.

    Bagans obviously doesn't even believe in the paranormal. Bagans' luck prevailed in a time when all of this paranormal hoopla was growing in popularity beginning with those dimwitted pipe jockeys on Sci fy's "Ghost

    But like I said the popularity of those "ghostie" shows is waning considerably. The scientific skeptics have stood their ground and have dedicated their lives to proving that we really are all alone after all.
  • Paranormal Un-Challenge

    Oh this is just soooo wrong. I've been psychic for 60 years. In the "old" day there was so much competition between the psychics that you thought you were in the country music business with all the cattiness between the female singers. We FINALLY get past that with all the shows on the air and up pops this little dull gem of a show.

    First thing I'll mention in the one man saying he didn't say the word and them saying he did cause the camera was on and it was his voice -- ANYONE HEAR OF CHANNELING????

    Then there is the STUPID grading system. OOOOHHHH they lose a point cause they didn't turn on their piece of equipment. DAH! When that happened with Aaron on Zaks' other show they pointed to the ghosts and said they turned it off. Try DEBUNKING that!''

    Plus some ghosts respond to some people and not to others. There is so much Zac and his executive friends don't know about this life! Yes life! When you are born with the gift and have to learn how to live with it (it doesn't come with a manual - maybe I should have looked up Zak so he could have graded me).

    Zak you want to make money? Why don't you just start a school and teach them how to turn on cameras and carry microphones?

    When I was young and people would catch on that I was psychic I would be avoided and shunned. Oh yes, I've done TV, Radio, an Interactive internet show and am in a book by Alan Brown for getting a ghost to play a piano.

    Zak as far as group goes I give you a big fat ZERO for abandoning Nick and Aaron. Hey Nick and Aaron you want a new team mate who won't turn on you and who usually has ghosts flock to her - give me a call. I'll show you what a REAL psychic can do not some guy who saw his first ghost and bought a camera.

    If you plan on watching this show get out the tissue. You'll have tears running down your face you'll be laughing so hard.

    OOOOOHHHHH I think i just heard someone say BOO!
  • Zak Bagan's ego grew too big that he abandoned Nick and Aaron to make his own show.


    Honestly, I do not know what Zak Bagans was thinking when he made this show, it's too boring, the teams they bring in always overreact to little taps, and the only good thing about it is the evidence they all bring in near the end, another thing is, that when a girl team and a boy team are in, the guy team always wins, even when the girls capture better evidence, the judges always seem sexist or whatever, but anyways, this show is bad and left a mark on Ghost Adventures, please do not watch it.

    3 out of 10