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  • WOW!!! A new achievement in TOTAL SUCKFEST

    Totally bogus, a complete waste of time, a new feat of achievement in total suck-fest. I mean, seriously, do you really believe this kid, a self-proclaimed, self-obsessed expert who's heading this team of MEDDLING KIDS, whose zits haven't fallen off yet? Never have they ever produced any evidence out of all investigations they have done and all their claims are bogus. The producers are still cleaning up this team's mess-ups even after the show was cancelled in 2011. More than half of the people whose places they visited on the show and claimed to have rid of the paranormal presence at their premises have claimed that paranormal activity became worse after they left, who have apparently filed law-suits against the team, the producers and the distribution channel as well. What can you expect from a bunch of inexperienced and immature kids? I mean look at this kid, whats his Ryan Buell, who has a John Constantine complex, possibly has been fantasizing a lot about paranormal stuff and got the other kids involved as well.

    The show sucked, absolutely staged, even the pranks the team played on each other. They even tried power of suggestion, but sadly never worked. A lot of stuff were not edited and can be caught, for . why the cold spots appeared, in one of the episodes a six pack (which can be easily spotted) placed in the place of the cold spot, which hilariously, the crew forgot to pick up after catching the cold-spot on the IR camera, and for forgot to edit it for the final cut. Oh, oh, and yes of course who can forget them challenging demons to kick their as*es out of the place, and guess what the demons simply packed and moved, yeah thats right, in a single show, didn't matter if the demons had been there since ages and the people living there have tried anything and everything, but guess what, what the demons never thought off was that they could ever come face-to-face with the Paranormal State Team (Demon : "I would have gotten away with it, had it not been for those meddling kids").

    Anybody who thinks, even remotely, this show has some value, please re-examine your understanding of "paranormal activity and what this phrase actually stands for. Do not encourage stupid kids like this to get themselves involved in matters that they DO NOT understand or can possibly comprehend, you never know what they can actually get themselves into or possibly what follows them home. People have spend their lifetimes , I mean real paranormal researchers including psychics and clairvoyants, and yet they really don't have a working comprehension of the paranormal world.

    Over all bad, bad, bad show. Don't waste your time.
  • Laughable

    The show sucked. Totally staged. But hey maybe blame it on a Pukwudgie. Remember those? LOL. You would never hear Jason Hawes or Grant Wilson even say that word unless making a joke. These twerps actually investigated them. Its also a shame when they have to apply captions when Eilfie speaks because she mumbles so bad. And Chip is a D#@k

    The experts are dramatic idiots, probably from some drama class in a community college. The material is bullsh*t, the show is BORING, and the everysingle time used conclusion of YOU BE THE JUDGE is so old. When you catch something, show it on TV, until then, these are all attempts to catch or find something, which means they are nothing but failures. A show on how a bunch of idiots can't accomplish what they set out to do. Would ayone watch a football game that couldn;t be finished, or a race, or any sitcom that ended half way htrough. The only thing these people are successful at is getting some stupid, half witted TV execs to give gthem a time slot. Just solidifies my belief that there are so many people out there that should not be allowed to thinkn for themselves, never mind a nation of television viewers. LOSERS.....Go see if you can find my ghost sh*t in my toilet! I am positive something came out! Please I'll even give a reward!
  • Like when..........

    Like when you have chip coffey or the older lady do the walk throughs Michelle is ok but, she doesn't get as much or explore it enough or something. Not the Michelle is bad but, just saying, ya know.
  • I feel this is the best paranormal show on TV. I watch every episode I can and cannot wait for the new ones. I truly believe they are all very dedicated to helping people who encounter the paranormal espicially Ryan Buell. At times I get very worried


    about him because it would be very easy for a demon to jump into him if he let his guard down. What I love the most about this group compared to the others on tv is that they also care about the spirit that is lost between worlds and try to help them go where they are supposed to go especially the children. I know they are all going to school while they are doing this, but I hope that after they finish--they will go on with the paranormal and let us be a part of them.

    Peggy from Wisconsin

  • read my review.

    I loved this show till i found some things out. The show leaves alot of footage on the cutting room floor, Even Paranormal Footage because its not "dramatic" enough. Chip coffey was one of my fav people on the show, but he's a fraud and a dick. Off camera he's foul mouthed and will tell the home owners how they should act, and his psychic power is BS. He's told Everything including names, activity, family history, historical stuff with the house and enything he needs to know by the producers. Read the section on about the show. its in the controversy section. Ryan and the producers make up their OWN story about the activity as they go, Regardless of what the owners said. I didn't want to believe it but i've literally watched every episode on netflix from season's 1-4 and when you watch a bunch of Eps. back to back you start to see that something's a little off. Alot of the paranormal stuff is when the owner's aren't around and could easily be done with fishing line, not seen on the constantly blurry, yet "Hi-Tech" and "state of the art" video equipment. My $99 digital Camera has better video quality than their's do! Anyway, I feel really bad about this. this was a fav show, but after i heard that michelle in the earlier seasons walked off because they were investigating a Real medium's house and she and the medium confronted Chip about being a fake and he cursed them horribly and threatened to sue and Ryan was too scared to step in and control his crew infront of His Clients, I realized he was a pud and chip an ass. The show is faked. Also one episode, shadow man, has a cold spot in it that is a six pack of beer put there by the crew, they knew it and still left it in the final cut. The owner, among many others, claims the activity is WORSE after they left. She began legal action against the show and A&E. Its too bad really. I wanted to believe in this show as much as anyone. but there are bunches of times that I can't figure out if what I'm hearing if EVP's or spooky sound Fx's added later. Then again, that's their goal. Sorry Paranormal State, but I will never watch you again.
  • Laughable

    Has this team ever detected anything that wasn't completely fake-able? Where exactly did they obtain their "detecting" skills? In all fairness I do not believe in demons or possesion however they might want to consider doing more than having the "possessed" person simply roll around while others attempt to hold them still. That scene has been shown on every "ghost" show that has been made and doesn't prove anything. Show a 360 head turn, spit some pea soup or an levitation otherwise you might just have a case of mental illness that should be investigated by a doctor. Also, haven't "psychics" been repeatedly discredited to the point where ghost investigators should not rely on their "power"? Not only do they perform cold readings but what makes it so sad is that they are sure to state that the "psychic" has no prior knowledge beforehand. Really? No computer? No trip to public records? How about to the library? How about the simple fact that since paranormal investigators have been asked to come to a persons home that the person believes a ghost there. Wouldn't that count as some kind of prior knowledge? Show a psychic that can tell something that can only be verified through an objective third party. Otherwise, I could claim psychic abilities and say any American over the age of 30 who reads this knows someone named Mary, either first or middle name. Considering the name Mary was popular in the mid 1900s it's not all that impressive.

    I have an open mind when it comes to ghosts and have had experiences that are unexplained yet there isn't a minute of this show that seems credible. Everything that the clients say seems to be taken at face value. The paranormal scenes are just a bit too contrived to be taken seriously even if the people involved were able to act more authentic about the fact that there is suppose to be a ghost present. It's down right embarrassing but you can't shame the shameless.

    Whether Ryan believes in what he's doing or not, he doesn't know what he's doing when it comes to finding the truth. I can only hope that those involved are in on the "joke" and not people with non-paranormal problems being set-up and fed nonsense. That would be an awful thing to do to people who are asking for help.
  • Documentary Style show about people being haunted and a college kid trying to help them.

    This show is full of it! Don't waste your time on this garbage! The production value is mediocre, the scripting is awful, there is no acting to speak of and the mumbo jumbo the "experts" spout could have come out of a children's book. I hate that I wasted my time watching even one episode. If you want a more rewarding experience I suggest you go bash yourself in the head with a brick and then count the seconds it takes to fall unconscious. I am constantly amazed at the kind of garbage that squirms it's way onto television these days.
  • Paranormal State is a show about the paranormal occurrences that happen to regular people, and the fight to understand the spirits that haunt people.

    Paranormal State is a great show that follows a group of young paranormal investagators. he show does have some degree of credibility simply because they do not find evidence in every investigation, and sometimes debunk the paranormal expeiences as normal occurrences. Although some of the evidence can be hard to believe, there only seem to be peoples own ideas, and beliefs that cause people to think that the show is fake. It is entirely possible that all the evidence that the paranormal state team gathers could be possible. I find that the show is entertaining to watch, and that the paranormal state team seems the be truthful, and genuin. It is a great idea for a show that helps people deal with the unknown forces in there lives. This show is fun to watch, especially if you are a firm believer in the paranormal, or if you have experienced it youself.
  • It is based on a group of paranormal researchers that are enrolled at peen state. They go around helping people and collecting evidence on the paranormal.

    This show kicks a**!!! The only thing that is cheesy is the way they dub in the investigators voices during the show. It is too obvious. Other than that I love the way its produced, and its the single reason I believe in psychics. I love chip and michelle!! keep up the good work guys!!! The only complaint I have is that there are not enough episodes. This is the coolest show in the entire world. That about sums it up. Some of the episodes like mothman, school house haunting, and devil in syracuse are'nt that good, but other than those episodes this show rocks. Its produced perfectly, and it's always full of surprises. You really get the sense that the team wants to help people. They dont just come in and get evidence and leave. Plus if the problem is'nt paranormal they still are there to help. the team seems like they genuinely care abouth what they do and the people they help.
  • Fabulous!!!!!!!.....

    For starts it's not your everyday show.It could be real stuff or it could be acting.Ryan discovers the paranormal while MOST of you are on the computer or watching Spongebob or soap operas[not that it's a bad thing it's just that not many people know about this show and they should.]Ok my review is mismatched right now but lets get this straight.A guy named Ryan has been haunted for all of his life,he's obviously no normal kid.He and a couple other people in the PRS help other people and thier fear of the paranormal so possibly they can get one step closer to the answer of all of this paranormal activity.Wonderful!
  • Need more of Heather - Chad - and Chip!!!

    The shows run 20 some minutes - I think they need to have about 7 minutes with just shots of Heather!!! I really like Chad - he brings a feeling of intrigue and wonder to the show. Chip is awesome also!

    The show with the exorcism...I noticed her voice was different in the very beginning when she opened the door - during the show you could hear the changes in her voice - It didn't feel right at the end of the show when she was giving them the artwork. You could hear it in her voice. Then at the end where they give the update they said she was still having occurrences. I have always been able to pick up on people and found it interesting that I was able to while watching this show.
  • Its a great show and it has the man Chip Coffey what's not to love?

    Personally I love this show, I love how they try to debunk some of the things that the people feel that may not be real. For instance on one episode they debunked one woman's entire case. Another great example of why this show is nice is that they go and try and to help the people that is in trouble instead of coming to find the ghost then leave, they have counselors and things of that nature and they care for the safety of their clients. The last reason why this show is awesome is the man Chip Coffey (who reminds me of Tim Gunn)
  • Of all the paranormal shows I've watched (and I've watched quite a few) this has to be the worst.

    I have, in all honesty, given this show more than its fair share of chances. I have watched the show I would say at least 7 episodes-hoping it will get better but alas, I was sorely disappointed. If they claim its real, then they are doing a poor job of proving it. If indeed it is fake, they need better actors. I used to have the utmost respect for Lorraine Warren (Psychic) and the late Ed Warren (Demonologist), however, since her appearance on this show (more than once I believe) my respect level has diminished severely. Perhaps since her husband died, she is in need of the paycheck, but if she were a true psychic, I do not believe she would appear on such a "cheesy" program.

    Clear the timeslot for a more interesting and realistic show such as "I love my root canal" or "The IRS is our friend."

    I give it a 1 only because its the lowest rating allowed.
  • An actual voodoo doll? Come on...really?

    Everything in this show seems a little too coincidental and it is hard to believe what is actually going on. None of the cases actually state that they are real cases. One case consisted of a voodoo doll cursing a family and the dialog and story was so vividly far fetched that I completely ignored the episode entirely. Also,the "psychics" (horrible actors) on the show seem a little too spot on with their predictions. Most of the acting, on this program, shows evident signs of wear through its rubbish and terrible dialog. Please, save your time and watch "better" more realistic ghost hunting shows. ("cough" ghost hunters)
  • This show captures my attention but I also have my doubts...

    I have caught every episode that has been aired, and let me just say this show intrigues me. Every trailer has caught my attention yet sometimes the shows are disappointing. In the beginning when the show first started it was very heart racing, high adrenaline, pumping action and spookiness. Each show has something new to offer, the stories never seem to get old. I think it's great how they bring in outside psychics to help, such as Chip Coffey. Chip absolutely makes the show when he is on there, with his amount of passion for his talent and the just odd yet fun personality he has, it really makes this show even more believable. When is comes to these types of shows I always have my doubts, I watch real close so that I can catch if i am being fooled. I have caught more than instance when things just seemed too fishy to be real. Overall though the show is pleasing, they have some bite your fingernail, edge of your seat moments which makes it good in my book.
  • I Love it!

    Completely addicted to this show and proud to say the paranormal researchers are top notch Penn State students? I absolutely love Chip Coffey, he's awesome. The cases they review and help with are very interesting, their moments of dead time are genius. For those of you who don't know dead time is 3:00 am and the highly active time for paranormal activity. Any of you who have waken up at this time and felt a strange feeling know what I mean. The investigations can lead to people letting their own psyche's out of control or to full fledged scary ghosts on the rampage. Please do enjoy.
  • This show is intense! It is a darker look at the paranormal but not without uderstanding the human factor and the part that plays within the spirit world.

    I like the way this show deals with the good versus evil component of the paranormal. Due to the fact that this team is steeped in religious practises and beliefs, they are more likely to come accross malevolent spirits. PRS believe in the dark side so it is much easier for a darker spirit to present itself. Because I believe in this dark side of the spirit world, and have had some horrible experiences, this show actually scares me. PRS's practises against the dark spirits are true and accurate, with some careful ommissions made in their rituals. There is an anthesis for everything in this universe. There is a God (thats my truth!) therefore there is a devil. There is Angels, therefore there is demons. If good people ask for help from Angels, can not bad people ask for help from demons? Its all too easy to fall to the dark side and the PRS through this show, show that rather well.
  • Ryan Buell is awesome because he founded his own society after all his experiences himself. The show is so refreshing to see compared to all the same crap. I get mad when it's only on Mondays because I want to see more.

    Ryan Buell is a ready experiencer of the paranormal occult. After all these weighting frustrations of stubborn non-believers, he sprouts an idea to create his own society called the Penn State Paranormal Research Scoiety- dedicated to helping people cope with the same, or close to, terrifying situations that he faced as a youngster. Along with the close-knit team is Heather, Katrina, Elfie, and Sergey (the techie guy), what would we do without the alienware lol and a few other frequent researchers such as Chip Coffey and Lorraine Warren, etc. The victims of paranormal indifferences are scared out of their minds half the time, tears pouring down their faces, confusion.. But, the team is so uplifting and supporting that it's kind of hard not to forget these strange sights and sounds. The episodes are a little short, but none-the-less entertaining and enticing, leaving you saying "I want more."
  • All his life, Ryan Buell has been haunted by ghosts and spirits. Then, he went to Penn State and realized he wasn't alone in his paranormal exxperiences. Now, he's founded the Paranormal Research Society. They help others with their paranormal hauntings.

    As far as ghost shows go, this one is pretty good. Most ghost shows I've seen are basically telling the history of a haunted place and having someone describe their experience with seeing a ghost. Then, there's Most Haunted, which is quite possibly the worst ghost show on television. All those people do is go into some supposedly haunted house and shout at the ghosts over and over again to show themselves, maybe do a few tricks for the camera. This show, however, is different. The Paranormal Research Society is just trying to help the ghosts and the families come together and reach an understanding. Plus, the paranormal activity is often more than just a knock on the wall or some object falling off a high shelf. If I ever see an actual apparition on camera, it will probably be on this show.
  • I found this show exstremly motivating in a spiritual sence and shows that the power of prayer is heard amen PNS has a great team lots of talent.

    my review of (paranormal state) is based on other shows involing the supernatural these include T.A.P.S / the unexplained / a haunting / and documentry,s on the subjects. I look for details and facts and out come. PRS rates the highest on my scale. The PRS team checks out the back ground and interviews not only the people directly involed but others whom can validate the phenomena in question using all resources available the team works as one.Fighting the unseen evils,I like the documentation that is well noted in the directors log. and helping familys deal with the after maths of what they were exsposed to. the PRS team are true warriors and I personaly respect them in there research.
  • A refreshing and interesting view on the paranormal.

    As someone who has been interested in the paranormal for years and who has watched far too many shows on the subject, I happen to love this show. For once, the subject of the paranormal isn't filmed in a way that isn't silly and hysterical with people running around a reportedly haunted location carrying a hand held camera, recording in overused night vision effect, and screaming at every sound they hear. Every squeak of an old house, every tap, every time that a draft is elevated to being a cold spot, the cast member freaks out and claims it as evidence of a haunting. The only other option that I've seen is a boring, clinical, academic examination in which a bunch of experts blandly discuss their opinions on the subject.
    Paranormal State is blessedly different.
    The team is led by a surprisingly calm and mature PRS Director Ryan who has a personal interest in the subject without being reduced to an obsessive and single minded Captain Ahab.He and his team of student researchers examine the phenomenon from a psychological perspective as well doing research on the property and conducting paranormal investigations that don't include numerous gadgets that supposedly detect spirits, or questionable table tipping or ouija boards. They take into account that the victims of the phenomenon may be undergoing something in their personal life that may lead them open to attracting spirits or that what is going on in their life may lead them to think that they're haunted when they're not. Whatever the case, they don't make their clients and witnesses look like idiots with overactive imaginations. They also don't go around claiming that everything that they see out of the corner of their eye in a darkened location, in the middle of the night, in a place that is reportedly haunted happen to be evidence of the afterlife. Anything that happens, they calmly try to find rational explanations for. They encourage their clients to take control of the situation and claim power over whatever was causing them to be uncomfortable in their own home. I like that they wrap up the episode with a ceremony of some sort to help the clients find closure. The ceremonies for the most part are done in the day and usually involve some sort of prayer, and a simple ritual and the way that I see it, it is as much a psychological tool to provide those who believe that they are troubled by spirits, as much as it is putting whatever spirits there might be to rest. I thank PRS every time that I watch the show for portraying Paranormal research in this new light. As for me, I have adopted the old X-Files adage ; I Want to Believe. With Paranormal State's intelligent and thoughtful view on the Paranormal, I find myself becoming even more intrigued by the subject. Thank you Paranormal State and PRS.
  • Paranormal State is a pretty decent show.

    Some may find it boring, some uninteresting, but I find this to be an informative show. It deals with 'paranormal' obviously, or as some people may call 'supernaturals.' It's very different, I'd say, but it's also descriptive & detailed. Although I agree that it can be boring it some parts of the show, it's still good. The boring parts are usually when they're discussing about the actual paranormal. Just because there's no creepy music in the background of the investigations doesn't make the show uninteresting. It's not always going to be a horror movie, you know. The live footage is what makes it creepier. And the nightvision showing the supernaturals is very frightening, in my case.
  • Paranormal State is one of my favorite shows. I was disappointed when it wasn't coming on as usual, what is going on?

    This show is one of the best shows I have seen in quite a while. It is interesting, and explains a lot of the strange happenings in the world. Not everyone has spirits and this show proves that. Some of the things they show make me get cold chills. I myself have never had any encounters such as this, but some of my family members have. My mother knows things before they happen and I have an Aunt that takes her "guest" as just a usual happening and lives with it. I truly believe that there is an afterlife, and I believe that this show will make some people feel like they aren't crazy and that there are things that go bump in the night. I will be truly disappointed if this show quits airing. There aren't many good shows on TV anymore, and this show is one that I look forward to. I give Paranormal State an A+.
  • I have nothing to be ashamed of.

    I like this show but I usually don't like to watch the episodes more than once (though I would make an exception for my favorite episodes "Pet Cemetary" and "The Asylum"). I don't care if it's real or not, but I'm a spiritual person so I want to believe in it. I also believe that anyone who has a problem or a grudge with Lorraine Warren should just drop it and get over it. She's a sweet old lady who is only trying to help. I also like Chip, and Sergey's my favorite team member. I'm used to being in the minority, so persecute me if you dare. I'll just fight back with everything I've got. When I feel like it.
  • At first I was Like cool, but as the episode went on I was totally turned off.

    I came upon "Paranormal State" one lazy Saturday while tooling around the Cox on demand channel. I was curious and decided to watch. It was a great show at first it had a feel like an immature Ghost Hunters. But once they started talking about demonic entities and exorcisms i was totally taken off especially when the showed the cleansing ritual and started praying. No thanks I'll stick to the investigative tactics of the T.A.P.S. crew at Ghost Hunters and GHI. If you like faux drama and over the top religious themes then this is the Ghost Hunting show for you, if you like a show that shows Ghost Hunters as more than religious fanatics then watch Ghost Hunterts on SciFi the better of the paranormal reality programs.
  • yet another ghost show..2008 is apparently the year of the psychic, paranormal and unexplained things that go bump in the night.

    I watch it (Tivo and view a few of them when I can) only complaint is that I feel the religious overtone is a bit much on occasion. They are quite young to be investigators for a show of type and their credibility is likely to be questioned. I do enjoy it, however i sometimes wonder if the people who contact them are just trying to get them selves their 15 minutes of fame or boost their businesses by placing the "Haunted" tag on their shingle. I am still wondering who is footing the bill for their cross-country travels (other than the network) that picked up the show.
  • To summarize, lets just say I don't find this show credible at all. It has an element of being flaky and "put on". Big disappointment! I was really an interested viewer until watching the schoolhouse episode. That done it for me.

    When previewing the ads for this program I was very excited about seeing it for the first time, but with each episode I watched I became even more disappointed. First of all you have a person of the occult world attending funerals, blessings and cleansings of homes by way of religious methods. Second, you have a group of college kids blessing the homes where would be demonic possessions and hauntings are occuring.
    Third, you have a supposedly ordained priest, who from my understandings a priest doesn't openingly and publicly acknowledge a demonic possession.
    And finally, the most disappointing thing to me was the episode where the couple living in the renovated condo which use to be a schoolhouse, called upon PRS to investigate their home. The disappointing thing was the familiarity of the woman "Shannon"...does anyone not recognize her as one of the investigators for GhostHunters?
    Why would a supposed investigator of paranormal activity call someone to her house other then her own team she works with? Why would it also not be mentioned that she is also a paranormal investigator? For me this ruined the integrity of the show as well as, the credibility of its content.
  • i love this show and the i enjoy watching it even when ive already seen that case .... all i really dont like about it is that the episodes go so fast ... it should be longer or fewer commercails !

    i dont know really what to write here so well i thought tonights episode was good with the em i think there names were chearly and bill but either way the hand print in the thermal cam was cool but once again the moment you start gettin into the show its over or a commercail comes but ya its a good show and i cant wait to see more of it so yeah cheack it out .. good show real stories ... oh speaking of witch the interveiws should be longer and at the end of each show they should show us all the things they experinced there and or the stuff they toke back to the lab to annilized it should show us what they found ... ok well thats it bye!
  • Great Show

    This is a great show. What I thought was interesting was the "Dead Time". I always thought that 12:00am was the demonic hour, now I know that I'am wrong. The show is very interesting and appealing to me. I love all the cases and the drama, suspense, and the people. All in All, you should give this show a try, and if you don't seem to like it watch another episode because maybe you just didnt like the first episode. I'am sure that you will get hooked on it. So, watch this show on A&E, you'll like it.
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