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  • Laughable

    Has this team ever detected anything that wasn't completely fake-able? Where exactly did they obtain their "detecting" skills? In all fairness I do not believe in demons or possesion however they might want to consider doing more than having the "possessed" person simply roll around while others attempt to hold them still. That scene has been shown on every "ghost" show that has been made and doesn't prove anything. Show a 360 head turn, spit some pea soup or an levitation otherwise you might just have a case of mental illness that should be investigated by a doctor. Also, haven't "psychics" been repeatedly discredited to the point where ghost investigators should not rely on their "power"? Not only do they perform cold readings but what makes it so sad is that they are sure to state that the "psychic" has no prior knowledge beforehand. Really? No computer? No trip to public records? How about to the library? How about the simple fact that since paranormal investigators have been asked to come to a persons home that the person believes a ghost there. Wouldn't that count as some kind of prior knowledge? Show a psychic that can tell something that can only be verified through an objective third party. Otherwise, I could claim psychic abilities and say any American over the age of 30 who reads this knows someone named Mary, either first or middle name. Considering the name Mary was popular in the mid 1900s it's not all that impressive.

    I have an open mind when it comes to ghosts and have had experiences that are unexplained yet there isn't a minute of this show that seems credible. Everything that the clients say seems to be taken at face value. The paranormal scenes are just a bit too contrived to be taken seriously even if the people involved were able to act more authentic about the fact that there is suppose to be a ghost present. It's down right embarrassing but you can't shame the shameless.

    Whether Ryan believes in what he's doing or not, he doesn't know what he's doing when it comes to finding the truth. I can only hope that those involved are in on the "joke" and not people with non-paranormal problems being set-up and fed nonsense. That would be an awful thing to do to people who are asking for help.