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    I loved this show till i found some things out. The show leaves alot of footage on the cutting room floor, Even Paranormal Footage because its not "dramatic" enough. Chip coffey was one of my fav people on the show, but he's a fraud and a dick. Off camera he's foul mouthed and will tell the home owners how they should act, and his psychic power is BS. He's told Everything including names, activity, family history, historical stuff with the house and enything he needs to know by the producers. Read the section on about the show. its in the controversy section. Ryan and the producers make up their OWN story about the activity as they go, Regardless of what the owners said. I didn't want to believe it but i've literally watched every episode on netflix from season's 1-4 and when you watch a bunch of Eps. back to back you start to see that something's a little off. Alot of the paranormal stuff is when the owner's aren't around and could easily be done with fishing line, not seen on the constantly blurry, yet "Hi-Tech" and "state of the art" video equipment. My $99 digital Camera has better video quality than their's do! Anyway, I feel really bad about this. this was a fav show, but after i heard that michelle in the earlier seasons walked off because they were investigating a Real medium's house and she and the medium confronted Chip about being a fake and he cursed them horribly and threatened to sue and Ryan was too scared to step in and control his crew infront of His Clients, I realized he was a pud and chip an ass. The show is faked. Also one episode, shadow man, has a cold spot in it that is a six pack of beer put there by the crew, they knew it and still left it in the final cut. The owner, among many others, claims the activity is WORSE after they left. She began legal action against the show and A&E. Its too bad really. I wanted to believe in this show as much as anyone. but there are bunches of times that I can't figure out if what I'm hearing if EVP's or spooky sound Fx's added later. Then again, that's their goal. Sorry Paranormal State, but I will never watch you again.
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