Paranormal Witness

Wednesday 10:00 PM on Syfy Premiered Sep 07, 2011 Between Seasons


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    I have seen every ghost show episode at least 3 X's - please make some new episodes!! They say ''ALL NEW'' but they are old episodes! What is the deal with that?
  • Hoping to be caught on film

    Ialways wait to see if you actually get the paranormal on film,camera, or anything like that. I watch your show alot even when i'm not home i still record it and watch it later.
  • dining with the dead

    i was very disapointed to find that the resteraunt that was shown on this episode WAS NOT in el paso but in fact ....... HAMILTON ONTARIO CANADA ..... what is wrong with these people ???????
  • love watching people scare themselves silly

    Great show, really enjoy the enactments.... please tell us there will be another season?
  • best show

    i watched the first episode and got hooked , waiting week after week to see it i have to watch it online because i'm from romania
  • paranormal witness

    I watched every episode and liked them all especialy the one about the lady in white thats scary
  • Seems a little contrived...

    I watched the first episode about a couple whose daughter kept seeing an imaginary friend, and then the husband and wife started seeing a white face in the window, and then the husband was strangely possessed and tried to strangle his wife and then suddenly came to. The family fled the house and never returned for their belongings.

    I don't know, maybe I'm being incredulous here, but wasn't that the exact storyline, scene for scene, as the Amityville Horror?,

    Anyway, I've watched a few more episodes, and most also seem to have the exact same storylines as classic horror movies - Poltergeist, the Exorcist and The Shining to name a few. This all makes me wonder whether these are really based on true life events or whether I should just go out and rent those movies.

    I think a much better show is on Animal Planet called "The Haunted."

  • the appartment

    Can't stop watching always waiting for something to happen to make me jump!!!!!
  • I love this show. Thank goodness it is not on CBS or they will kill it if they found out anyone enjoyed it!


    I remember the story of the lady on the side of the road. That has been well documented as a good example of being taken care of from the other side!

    The show is very well done, not hypie at all. I am a huge believer in the paranormal and can not stand shows that are full of cussing and silly acting. I believe that there are spirits and when we die, we don't all go straight to heaven, some of us linger.

    Human spirits are not all that linger either. If you believe in angels, then you have to believe in the other side and they live (term used loosely) to torment those that are here that God loves.

    Great show!