Paranormal Witness

Season 1 Episode 3

The Poltergeist/Watched In The Wilderness

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Sep 21, 2011 on Syfy



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    • Also Appearing:
      Case 1: Lewis Residence - California, 2006
      Susan Lewis - Homeowner
      Jamie Skipper - Susan's Daughter

      Case 2: Cascade Mountains, Oregon, 1997
      Jeff Boiler - Former Deputy Sheriff

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    • Jeff Boiler: (being chased by an unidentified hominid) The idea that I couldn't see him, that he could see me made me very uncomfortable- that's just the prescription for an ambush. That's when I heard a second snap. He wasn't just watching me, running away from me. He was tracking me. It flashed through my mind that he was big enough to snap me the way he was snapping those trees. I had been in the Marine Corps, I had police service; I don't scare easily. I am scared to death!

    • Susan Lewis: (after Marie was attacked and barricaded in the house by the entity) What was foremost in my mind was, if it could move heavy furniture, what else could it do? How far would it go?

    • Susan Lewis: (after a poltergeist draws arrows on the walls pointing at the vents) I told Matt, 'The vents lead up to the attic- maybe there's something up there we need to look for.' Matt was very skeptical. He wanted to rationalize it. I wouldn't give him time, I told him, 'You have to believe me. I don't care what you feel, I don't care what you think, something's in our house. Something's playing with us!'

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