Paranormal Witness

Season 3 Episode 9

The Wolf Pack

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Aug 07, 2013 on Syfy

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  • Totally untrustworthy

    There are several things in this show that makes me think that this entire story is untrustworthy. First of all, even if we trust the Martins, they really did not see well what was out there. It could be any normal animals - measuring the height of those dark animals in darkness will not be accurate. Where I became so suspicious is when they could not get the police to come - the 911 dispatcher will never hang up on a real call. The police station at Newport was five minutes away, and if they just said that there is something or some masked men out there trying t break into the house, the police would have come. Instead of trying to get help from police, they try to describe the animal. If we could get the voice record of the actual call, we might know whether such a call was made, and if it was, how terrified they were when they made the call. The Martins, according to their account, never called the police back - any terrified person would call them back. It was not that late at night and if the police turned them down, they had many other options: order a pizza or Chinese take out, or call a taxi from Newport, it would have taken 10 minutes for a taxi to get to the house so they could have escaped. Call some friends or neighbors - I am sure they know someone around. They did none of them. Mr. Martin went out alone couple of times, and we only have his account on what he saw. I am not sure whether that is totally reliable. His house seems to be located at 309 Madawaska Rd, Palmyra, ME 04965 and Mapquest gives a nice areal view of the house. The house is next to Madawaska Rd that takes to Route 2 that goes to Newport - there is a thin barrier trees between the house and the road (you can see the house easily through the trees, there is a Picket fence between the road), access to the road is right in front of the house, there is no wooded regions in front of the house but there is one on the back side. I would give the benefit of doubt if they said these animals came from the back. It is difficult to believe if they came from the front side - near a reasonably busy road. After looking at the areal view of the house, it is difficult to believe that one could not get the other building - it is almost connected to the main building with a large open area. The Google street view gives a good view of the house from the road. After looking at that, I really cannot believe this story. Maybe they saw something - looking through the fence. But nothing no scary as ScFi is trying to make.
  • Scariest episode I've seen!!

    My whole family was on the edge of our seats watching this! Very scary!!
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