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truTV (ended 2006)


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  • Season 2
    • Cheating in Connecticut
    • Investigating the Investigator
      A woman is divorcing her husband because she says he cheated on her - but he claims he never did. He hires Vinny to help him out, but things get complicated when the wife hires her own private investigator.
    • Just Another Pretty Face
      A model wants Vinny to prove her suspicion - that she is being sexually harassed at her agency. Vinny puts a few of his investigators on the case and discovers that sex more ways than one.
    • Double Trouble
      Double Trouble
      Episode 11
      A client believes that her husband is cheating on her - with her best friend. She comes to Vinny and asks him to help her prove it, so she can file for divorce. But Vinny finds more than he expected...
    • Roid Rage
      Roid Rage
      Episode 10
      A minor league baseball player tests positive for steroids, but claims he never took drugs. Is he being set up? Time is running out, and Vinny is under pressure to save the player's career.
    • The Out of Towner
      Vinny has ended up in a small town in upstate New York. A local farmer thinks one of his neighbors is ruining his crops and putting him out of business. Vinny has to figure out if it's local rivalry or if someone is playing a twisted game and pitting neighbors against each other to get the benefits.moreless
    • Family Jewels
      Family Jewels
      Episode 8
      A woman thinks her husband is cheating on her, but needs proof to divorce him. Vinny is the only one who can help her! They start the hunt and trail the husband only to find...another woman! But not just any other woman...
    • Star Crossed
      Star Crossed
      Episode 7
      A married rising star is soon to be in the midst of a scandal! Approached by a tabloid with a doctored photo, he turns to Vinny for help. Now Vinny has to figure out if his client is lying, or if the picture is really worth a thousand (true) words.
    • Look Who's Stalking
      A notorious nightclub singer and mother of two is in danger! Where does she turn when she receives threatening letters from...a stalker? Vinny, of course!
    • Red Herring
      Red Herring
      Episode 5
      When the owner of a family-run seafood wholesale company needs Vinny to find out who is stealing fish from them and selling it to their rivals, all leads point to an inside job. But is Vinny just taking the bait?
    • Dating Disservice
      A woman believes she's been scammed when she gets a call that a company she's been investing heavily in has gone bankrupt. She wants Vinny to locate the president of the company and get her money back. For Vinny, it's easier said than done, especially when the president and company appear to have never existed.moreless
    • Gone Missing
      Gone Missing
      Episode 3
      A worried man goes to Vinny to find his fiancee who has gone missing without a trace. Vinny and his staff must work tirelessly to uncover clues and jump on every lead in order to find his intended. But what happens when Vinny and the team find something is missing that they never saw coming?moreless
    • Double Down
      Double Down
      Episode 2
      When a woman suspects her gambling addicted husband has fallen off the wagon, she looks to Vinny to see if her suspicions are right. The only thing the client wants is to get her husband the help he needs before he gambles away the family business. But Vinny discovers something no one would have bet on.moreless
    • Class Dismissed
      Class Dismissed
      Episode 1
      A woman hires Vinny to investigate her husband's suspicious law partner in preparation for her husband's bid for political office. When Vinny discovers that the partner has a young mistress and a few other secrets, there's a lesson about skeletons in closets to be learned by all.
  • Season 1
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