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Pardon the Interruption

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On Monday, Oct. 22, ESPN premiered Pardon The Interruption, a live and provocative show devoted exclusively to sports opinions and headline issues, airs each weekday at 5:30 p.m. ET leading into SportsCenter. The 30-minute program originates from Washington, D.C. and features Washington Post columnists Tony Kornheiser and Mike Wilbon. The two address a variety of issues from the sports world each day with some the help of some in-studio and out-of-studio contributors. The program reairs each weekday at 6:30 p.m. ET on ESPNEWS, and often at 7:30 on ESPN2. Kornheiser and Wilbon, who have been debating each other in the sports and style pages of the Washington Post for more than two decades, face-off nightly on the day's hot topics. Timely interviews with newsmakers frame the debates. Viewers also have an opportunity to ask questions and voice opinions. Veteran ESPN news executive Jim Cohen serves as the show's executive producer. Kornheiser and Wilbon, frequent guests on ESPN's The Sports Reporters, remain with The Post and continue writing columns for the sports pages. Kornheiser also continues as host of Tony Kornheiser Show on ESPN Radio.moreless

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AIRED ON 3/19/2014

Season 13 : Episode 99

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    Charlie Sheen "Dragged" to Rehab

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    • Sam Bell

      You did not acknowledge the passing of possibly the greatest college track coach in history! Olympic athletes from all over came to train with him while he was at
    • 70% of Broadcasts Now...

      Hello Guys! Never a lady when try to watch every broadcast, or DVR, for the last decade or enjoy both Michael and Tony as professionals. Well, Michael here is my benign beef. WHATZ UP WITH 70% of each broadcast being dedicated to the same NBA/Basketball stories. It's becoming obvious. I'm concerned about you guys, because maybe you should change your title to "Bickering About Basketball people/issues", and no longer PTI. I'm surprised you've narrowed your discussion overwhelmingly to NBA each broadcast. Why? Basketball is terrific. Great sport, but it's obvious fellas. need to return to more balanced broadcast in my most HUMBLE opinion. Think about it. As I said, you're both terrific, and I watch, watch, watch....2 cents.moreless
    • The lead story??!! PLLLEEEAASSSEEE

      Its amazing that in 2014 a azzzz all star game zzzzz (basketball) is the lead story.

      u guys metion 10 different basketball players for the story.

      and when u go to the story that matters (olimpic hockey) u mention 2 players .

      then after making the woman's hockey team a after thought ,

      u go to this twittermentality and speak about some prima donnas thoughts and did u like Pharrel's


      i always looked forward to u guys at the end of the day especially a day wear i tune in and see this mindless banter about morals in sports by frick and frak on "take lude".

      come on guys don't looze your smarts to the facebook dicks.

      i have hope ,FBmoreless
    • Bill's review of Jason Witlock

      Trying to rate this guy a 10+. He was excellent. Knows what he was talking about and would like to see more of him
    • lebron james

      I love watching your show everyday. I agree with the both of you most of the time accept this time concerning Lebron James. The two fouls on him against the Chicago Bulls were not basketball plays. If they were then I, as a coach of elementary, middle, and high school freshman players will start teaching them to foul like this because it is allowed.. Were we watching the same game? Lebron could have been hurt with the Gibson foul. His legs bent backwards. What would have happened then? I am tired of hearing that a player should not complain when they speak up for themselves because they are so big and strong. If a player wants to defend against these guys, then go to the gym and work out or play better defense Lastly , if the fouls against Lebron weren't flagrant then don't call one on Lebron against Boozer. After all he's big and strong and should be able to take it. If those fouls had happened against other superstars of the past, they would have been given consequences. I have lost my faith in the NBA game because it no longer exhibits the game as it has been taught to youngsters as it was meant to be played.moreless
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