Pardon the Interruption

Season 9 Episode 128

May 11, 2010

Aired Weekdays 5:30 PM May 11, 2010 on ESPN

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  • May 11

    I do not understand why a professional golfer, one as accomplished as Tiger Woods needs a swing instructor like Hank Haney. Should he not have his swing down so far into his career?

    LeBron James should have covered Rajon Rondo in Game 6. It makes sense. As long as it is plausible you put your best defender on the player giving your team trouble. That is just common sense.

    "Deadly" Dudley, as Jared Dudley is known, was the guest tonight. While I am not a Phoenix Suns fan and hope they lose, he helped me win my fantasy league so I'm grateful for that.