Pardon the Interruption

Season 5 Episode 100

May 31, 2006

Aired Weekdays 5:30 PM May 31, 2006 on ESPN



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    • Kornheiser: (in respose to Raja Bell/Willis Reed comparisons) Raja Bell -- great PTI guest. That's nice. Game seven, NBA Finals, the captain of the team, the MVP of the league, the last possible game -- this is what, game 4!? To equate Raja Bell to Willis Reed is sacrilege!

  • Notes

    • Headlines
      Suns -- Who controls this series?
      Pistons -- Will Pistons win tonight?
      Bonds -- Race not a factor?
      Lance -- Cleared of blood doping?
      Tussle -- Fight after match at French?
      Spelling -- Spelling vs. NHL Game 7?

    • Five Good Minutes with Roger Clemens
      Why the comeback?
      Saying no to other teams?
      Big help for Astros?
      Is this last year for sure?

    • Role Play
      Wilbon is Ricky Williams, Andy Roddick
      Kornheiser is Nomar Garciaparra, Katie Couric

    • Happy Happy Time
      Happy 76th birthday, Clint Eastwood
      Happy Anniversary, Buddy Bell
      Melancholy Happy Trails, Steve Mizerak (1944-2006)

    • TV Picks
      Wilbon -- Heat/Pistons Eastern Conference Finals, Game 5
      Kornheiser -- So You Think You can Dance?

    • Sportscenter Topic
      Pistons -- Who's to blame?
      Wilbon: I'd say 50% Pistons, 50% Miami.
      Tony: I don't think this is about coaching.

    • The Big Finish
      Tigers -- Tigers in a swoon?
      Replay -- Replay in college football?
      Gretzky -- Coaching for 5 more years?
      Webb -- Who is Brandon Webb?
      Leyland -- Sleeps at Comerica Park?
      French -- Federer and Sharapova advance?
      Game 7 -- Sabres or Hurricanes?

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