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  • Apples and Oranges

    After watching today's PTI which as usual entertaining, informative, and enjoyable I would like to make an observation. Comparing the nasty racial slur on Twitter by Josh Allen as a 16 year old boy and the total disrespect for our country's flag and all it stands for by Colin Kapernick is like comparing apples and oranges. Yes, there are similarities, mainly they have both committed wrongs.. But the big difference is that Allen has admitted wrong doing, apologized, and I presume will never make the same mistake again, whereas Kapernick in arrogance and in my opinion, total ignorance, not only will not apologize, nor admit wrong doing, but apparently plans to continue his inappropriate behavior. You have a total and possibly understandable dislike for the owners, but that said, they are the employers and employers make the rules. If Kapernick doesn't like the rules or doesn't plan on obeying then, then he should expect to be fired or be not rehired. What a pity, even tragedy, that such a gifted athlete with so much potential chooses to disrespect and or disappoint all those who have helped him achieve what he has and that he shows total disrespect for the flag of his country which has given him all the opportunities he has up to now enjoyed. How ironic that the freedoms his country has given him to behave in this manner may ultimately lead to his downfall. It is a real pity.
  • night the lights went out on PTI

    You have been my favorite sports talk show since 2002. What were you thinking having Keith O. on the show? I started watching him as a sportscaster in LA before he hit the big time. Loved his humor and snarkiness. Sadly, as he hit the big time his ego exploded. Then he decided to become a political pundit and thought his opinion was the only one which mattered. He was truly nasty, mean, and a certified prick. You lost me as a loyal viewer and fan.
  • Sam Bell

    You did not acknowledge the passing of possibly the greatest college track coach in history! Olympic athletes from all over came to train with him while he was at
  • 70% of Broadcasts Now...

    Hello Guys! Never a lady when try to watch every broadcast, or DVR, for the last decade or enjoy both Michael and Tony as professionals. Well, Michael here is my benign beef. WHATZ UP WITH 70% of each broadcast being dedicated to the same NBA/Basketball stories. It's becoming obvious. I'm concerned about you guys, because maybe you should change your title to "Bickering About Basketball people/issues", and no longer PTI. I'm surprised you've narrowed your discussion overwhelmingly to NBA each broadcast. Why? Basketball is terrific. Great sport, but it's obvious fellas. need to return to more balanced broadcast in my most HUMBLE opinion. Think about it. As I said, you're both terrific, and I watch, watch, watch....2 cents.
  • The lead story??!! PLLLEEEAASSSEEE

    Its amazing that in 2014 a azzzz all star game zzzzz (basketball) is the lead story.

    u guys metion 10 different basketball players for the story.

    and when u go to the story that matters (olimpic hockey) u mention 2 players .

    then after making the woman's hockey team a after thought ,

    u go to this twittermentality and speak about some prima donnas thoughts and did u like Pharrel's


    i always looked forward to u guys at the end of the day especially a day wear i tune in and see this mindless banter about morals in sports by frick and frak on "take lude".

    come on guys don't looze your smarts to the facebook dicks.

    i have hope ,FB
  • Bill's review of Jason Witlock

    Trying to rate this guy a 10+. He was excellent. Knows what he was talking about and would like to see more of him
  • lebron james

    I love watching your show everyday. I agree with the both of you most of the time accept this time concerning Lebron James. The two fouls on him against the Chicago Bulls were not basketball plays. If they were then I, as a coach of elementary, middle, and high school freshman players will start teaching them to foul like this because it is allowed.. Were we watching the same game? Lebron could have been hurt with the Gibson foul. His legs bent backwards. What would have happened then? I am tired of hearing that a player should not complain when they speak up for themselves because they are so big and strong. If a player wants to defend against these guys, then go to the gym and work out or play better defense Lastly , if the fouls against Lebron weren't flagrant then don't call one on Lebron against Boozer. After all he's big and strong and should be able to take it. If those fouls had happened against other superstars of the past, they would have been given consequences. I have lost my faith in the NBA game because it no longer exhibits the game as it has been taught to youngsters as it was meant to be played.

    How dare you threaten a quarterbacks legs! Tony you are pathetic and you don't deserve to be a sports announcer on or off tv. You definetly need to make a formal apology to russell wilson and ten you should have to step down
  • Entertaining show discussing the latest sports headlines.

    Pardon the Interruption is an enjoyable-enough show on ESPN usually featuring the duo of Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon. They try to bring creativity to how they discuss the latest sports news, including time limits and games like "Over/Under" and "Report Card" featuring Around the Horn host, Tony Reali. The other Tony, as in Kornheiser, is my favorite of the cast. I agree with most things he says and he is a funny guy. Wilbon on the other hand, grinds my gears. He acts like he knows everything when he obviously doesn't and he can be seriously annoying. I'm sure Kornheiser has wanted to punch him in the face two or three times every now and then. However, this is probably the show I watch the most after school in the afternoon, and I look forward to keep doing so.
  • Mike & Tony as Teenagers

    I noticed the pictures of you two in the background. Obviously taken a few year ago -You both had hair! Have a great year, Jumbo
  • Hey idiots on PTI, the term LOL does not stand for Lots of Laughs ! The abbreviation LOL means Laugh Out Loud ! Dumb asses get yer homework done right !

    I don't mind watching you guys on T.V but you 2 sounds like you guys like hearing yourselves talk sometimes it sounds like you guys have absolutely no idea what you are talking about !
    It sounds like you 2 are just talking to fill space on T.V when you have no clue what you have to talk about. When The bell rings it means DONE ! stop talking ! Next topic ! That is the biggest piss off about the 2 of you on T.V, is you guys don't even know what the stupid bell is for ? or you do and you just, like I said earlier, just like hearing your annoying voices over and over about topics that have no matter in the world of sports ! The thing you guys talk about have absolutely no importance about anything that is gong on in the news of any professional sport being played right now ! It is just 2 old guys just flapping their gums about stuff that is beyond them and everything this show is supposed to be about !
  • Boring's a better word to describe it, but that's not an option. PTI is the most boring all sports debate show, I've ever watched!

    Tony Kornheiser and Mike Wilbon (or as I call them, the old guy and the bald guy) are two of the most boring debaters on TV! They spend a certain amount of time debating about each topic, and their opinions are just blank! The only things I like are the big finish, and when they do some kind of ranking. Wilbon says "Same time tomorrow, knuckleheads," but I have a feeling that one of these tomorrows, the show will be cancelled.
  • 30 minutes just isn't enough, at the rate these guys go through sports with some of the best comments they could fill a whole hour.

    Tony and Mike are the best. Their in-depth knowledge of the sports they banter about is commendable. I have never enjoyed a sports talk show more than I have watching these guys. Their occasional jabs at each other is great light-hearted fun. The arguing back and forth over the smallest of details is great.
    Keep up the great job and look forward to hopefully a full hour of the two best guys in sports.
  • Tony and Mike argue about sports. They give you a rundown on the side of the tv what they are going to talk about. They argue about day to day sports and each others opinions.

    To me this is the best show ever. I love how Tony and Mike argue about sports. They make the show so exciting. They talk about day to day sports and things that are good and bad in sports today. They rate certain sports teams on events that happened that day. They give reviews about opinions. They talk about athletes who get hurt or who doing bad or good. This show is the best. I can't miss one day of it. Mike Wilbon and Tony Kornheisher always disagree about points. In the end they have the toss up which means they talk about what team is better. They also talk about good shows to watch after later on that day. BEST SHOW EVER!
  • Best Sports show on TV!!!

    I remember watching this from day one and the show seemed so ghetto and low budget. The show is still ghetto and low budget but it's the best sports show on TV. DING!! That's the bell. I love how it works. The topics, the timer, Tony and Mike going at it. They have the best chemistry and it's obvious when they have guest hosts. The show is refined now so even when there is a guest host the show still runs smoothly but it's at the top of it's game with Tony and Wilbon are there. The best shows are when Wilbon gets caught up in a subject and expresses himself truthful but forcefully. Ripping people and threatening to give someone a beat down is classic. :)
  • this is the best sports show ever! they argue on compatible level and are very knowledgeable on every sports topic. i watch it everyday, better than sportscenter!

    this is the best sports show ever! they argue on compatible level and are very knowledgeable on every sports topic. i watch it everyday, better than sportscenter! this is the best sports show ever! they argue on compatible level and are very knowledgeable on every sports topic. i watch it everyday, better than sportscenter! this is the best sports show ever! they argue on compatible level and are very knowledgeable on every sports topic. i watch it everyday, better than sportscenter! this is the best sports show ever! they argue on compatible level and are very knowledgeable on every sports topic. i watch it everyday, better than sportscenter
  • PTI is perhaps the best and most engauging show on ESPN. The half-hour blends informitive sports journalism with funny humor and a fresh take on the sports scene.

    This show is just one of the reasons ESPN has alot to smile about. Whether your a hard core sports fanatic (like myself) or a casual sports fan you will be entertained by Wilbon and Kornhieser. The guest they bring on will be happy to talk to them and that makes the interview better when the people they are talking to actually want to talk. The show has the perfect host and they are at best when they are together and usually when they are intrigued by the topics of the day. Overall this show has captured what it means to care about sports and how to love sports with out ruining the sports experiance for one's self.
  • What's better than watching sports? Watching people talk about sports.

    This is the best sports show period. Both hosts, and even stat boy, will keep you entertained on not just the latest in sports headlines, but also current events, pop culture, and even what to watch on TV that night. There are times when one of the co-hosts are off for the day, and those times the show doesn't flow the same. Sometimes it just isn't fun to watch when one is missing. I don't know what they will do when one of them wants to leave the show, but in the mean time, this is the best sports show.
  • Most dominate athletes: Babe Ruth, Wilt the Stilt, Bill Russell, Jesse Owens, Jim Brown, Jack Nichlaus, Rocky Marciano, Tiger, who did you forget!!!???

    Hey guys. I was watching your latest show as you two discussed who is the most dominate athlete of all time. Hank Aaron suggested Tiger Woods, but as we all know it is too early to tell. You two, along with the Around the Horn program suggested multiple names yet no one said anything about Wayne Gretzky. Gretzky's records will never be touched, and statistically may be the most dominate athlete to ever play his or her sport. Babe Ruth makes a good argument considering he crushed then baseball records, but unlike the babe, Gretzky's records will never be broken. Is hockey really that seldomly thought of that you forgot the mention the GREAT ONE!!!
  • Yah - we're all here extolling PTI's virtues because IT is the 'best damned sports show ever'.

    From an idea by former sports writer, Tony Kornheiser, this show, now technically in it's fifth year, is THE best 'talking heads' sports show on TV.

    Kornheiser and partner, Michael Wilbon (who recently missed just ONE week while undergoing bypass surgery) are the quintiscential, ying-yang of adverserial sports talk. They are more often than not on opposite sides of most issues while miraculously seeming to be in total harmony with each other.

    For those of us who are addicted to the show (my friends all know not to call me during this half hour - even though I DVR it for back-up), we have come to simply enjoy this special dynamic. But it is absolutely amazing that they have somehow found this 'Twilight Zone' of fierce argumentative friendship that inevitably leads us to see two sides of every topic and then arrive at a singular conclusion.

    It is the chemistry, along with, to some degree, the format of this show that makes it special. They have such a reputation, that almost anyone who is anybody in the sports world tunes in whenever possible and is more than willing to be a guest on the show. Charles Barkley is probably the best example of someone who disdains most sports reporters but appears at a moment's notice if PTI calls.

    The list of guests is probably the most impressive of any talk show in history. On the occasion that either TK or MW cannot co-host, there is a litany of others who will gladly sit in - most notably of late, Miami sportswriter, Dan Lebatard, who, despite all of the comments to the contrary, is well-respected and well-liked by the two stars.

    If you have not seen the show, catch it just before the regularly scheduled first-airing of the late-afternoon/early-evening broadcast of Sportscenter. The show is so good that SC now delays the final three minutes of PTI so that it airs as a segment of SC about 15 minutes into their prime sportscast. It has also led to Kornheiser being made a member of the ABC Monday Night Football broadcast (where he, by his own admission, stinks it up). It's unfortunate that unless he is doing the halftime PTI wrap-up with Wilbon, TK has never hit it off with MNF viewers. It's their loss.
  • I love to watch PTI with Tony & Wilbon. But . . . when the idiot Bob Ryan is on talking about something he knows nothing about, running, it drives me nuts.

    Any runner who has raced knows they are responsible for knowing the course. While it is unfortunate, sad, and really stupid that the camera crew in Japan turned off the course (having lived in Japan for several years this isn't that strange), it is the runners responsibility totally -- its in the rules and this guy is a pro. It's the same for a bike race, a swim, etc. Get a clue before you speak BOB. And if we are all lucky, they will keep you off this show so we don't have to listen to you speak with no information or knowledge.
  • We watch PTI regularly and are strongly against having Dan LeBatard as co-host when Tony or Michael are out. PLEASE bring in any one of the other ESPN commentators!

    Tony and Michael are great together and we wish they never had to be off doing their thing somewhere other than in front of the camera. Humor along with solid information and personal insight make this show a daily favorite. Guests for the 5 minutes are always super and the various techniques the guys use (crystal ball, etc.) add a bit of variety to straight reporting and commenting. My wife has learned a lot about sports from watching PTI and it has made my life easier when I want to keep ESPN and ESPN2 on most of the time. I don't have to watch Dancing with the Stars!
  • Someone needs to tell Mike and Tony the correct pronunciation of the University of North Carolina's Player of the Year, Tyler Hansbrough's name. It is pronounced as Hansbro...not Hansboro as both gentleman pronounced it today.

    This is ridiculous that I have to write one hundred words to get this to go through. I have written everything I needed to say in the Summary section, and now I have to repeat it just so I can get the one hundred word minimum. Oh goes. Someone needs to tell Mike and Tony on Pardon the Interruption the correct pronunciation of UNC's Player of the Year, Tyler Hansbrough's name. It is pronounced as Hansbro...not Hansboro as both gentlemen pronounced it today. I was surpised that Roy Williams did not corrrect them during his interview with them today.
  • it is the greatest kornheiser rocks! long live the penguin dance!!!!!!

    I really enjoy PTI the guys are always honest and heartfelt abouth their emotions and feelings on certain topics. Please do not stop doing what you guys are doing. My girlfriend has even come to enjoy the show. She is definitely a kornheiser fan. My only complaint would be please no J A Adande or Dan L. And possibly move the show ahead of jim rome and around the horn. The reason being I would like to here PTI's take first on the hottest topics, not just a third opinion of the same topic. Fans for life. Thanks for making us laugh.
  • Just FYI. My Friend and I thought it was amusing and both did a double-take when we heard it....LOL

    Re: April 12, 2007 episode.
    Really great show! My friend and I noticed in the "errors and omissions" segment that there was still something that was missed. While Mike and Tony were talking about Drew Bledsoe and weather or not he should be in the Hall of Fame, Mike called him Tony Bledsoe and never was corrected. Just had a bit of a chuckle and wanted to let you guys know. Great show guys! Keep it up!
    Scott and Scotty B
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
  • PTI is where sports talk shows are going to be heading...

    I love this show. Theres many sports talk shows that are capable of captivating someones attention, but what makes PTI so special is the fact that these two anchors just go at each other. Yes, they are friends, and no, there are no brawls, but they do have one hell of an argument and it lasts 30 minutes. Overall, its a great show that teaches you about both sides of sports stories.
  • Best sports show on T.V.

    PTI is one of my favorite shows on t.v. i recommend it to anybody who enjoys sports with humor in it.Mike Wilbon and Tony Kornhieser are great co-cost with a big time sence of humor as they talk about sports,pop culture,and other topics.I recommend it to anybody who enjoys sports with humor in it.
  • Great Stuff!!!

    Michael Wilbon and Tony Kornheiser are great on this sports show. They discuss the top stories from the past day each and every day of the week except the weekend. Michael Wilbon works for the Washington Post along with being on this how. Tony Kornheiser used to have his own show called none other than The Tony Kornheiser Show. He also is going to be a Monday Night Football commentator sice Monday Night Football left ABC this past year. So I can't wait to see what he is like calling the Monday Night Football Games on television. This show is a great show I have recently been addicted to it like the last week or two.
  • The best sports show on television. Ever.

    What I like about these guys is that both of them have a great moral compass. I watch their show with my 15 year old son. I think it's terrific that he gets to see two men talk about what's right and wrong with an issue. They look at an issue from every angle they can and they always land on the "right" spot. They also understand that one of the reasons sports are important in our society is because they provide us with an opportunity to see human beings doing one of the things we do best: Play games. Emphasis on the word "play." And, they don't take themselves too seriously. I think they're terrific.
  • In my opinion this show is ignorant and wrong. They failed to mention key facts about the Seahawks and the officiating in the Superbowl. Question their opinions and facts. I wouldn't be surprised if they were told what to say.

    I will never watch this show again for a long time. There were four horrible game changing calls in this game. The hosts Tony and Michael said the Seahwawks couldn't have made up 11 points. That is an ignorant statement if you know anything about football. Ben Roethlisberger did not score a touchdown. Review doesn't work. Calling offensive pass interference in endzone on that is wrong, the call would not have gone the other way. The biggest play not mentioned by Pardon the Interruption is the phantom offensive holding call. This was horrible, late, and it took away a three point lead. You need to realize football is about momentum. Not to mention the call on Hasselback which set up the game winning touchdown. Any yards in the Superbowl are important. Pardon the Interruption mentioned none of this and I recommend questioning what these two say for know on.
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