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  • All the sports news you need..

    One of the best ways to stay up to date in sports.. this and sportscenter are my two favorite shows.. I love hearing the newest things that are happening in sports.. along with Tony and Wilbon arguing every single show.. it's priceless.. I don't know how you couldn't like this show..
  • Who needs Sportscenter? Pardon the Interruption is easily the best way to get all your sports news.

    The first time someone watches Sportscenter, it's easy to understand why it's so popular. The way it covered sports was much more exciting and interesting than the way someone at your local news or at CNN would cover sports.

    Now, with Pardon the Interruption, I feel the exact same way. There's no better way to get a quick summary of the previous days sports news. Not only is it quicker than Sportscenter (only a half hour compared to an hour or an hour and a half), but it's actually very funny and doesn't waste a bunch of time on pointless features (50 States in 50 Days anyone?) and gets right to the point of every issue.

    Anyone who watches will quickly get all the sports info they need, and be entertained. Most of this is thanks to Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon. Not only are these guys funny, but they know their sports and are both able to get their point across quickly.

    Part of the reason PTI is so entertaining is its extra, original segments. Like over/under, Mail Call etc. These segments always add a bit extra to whatever it is they are covering and help to make PTI as great as it is.

    The only real downside to PTI is "Five Good Minutes", where Tony and Mike interview someone. Once in a while a PTI interview will actually be something cool or with a person that no one else has interviewed yet, but for the most part it's kind of boring and makes me wish they'd go back to talking about sports issues.

    The old saying is "Less is more". Tony and Mike keep it short, but end up being more entertaining, much more funny, and much more informative than any other sports show out there.
  • i like this show is veary funny and veary good . i like how they go tru all thetop sports news and i like how they time it topic is good cuz we don't need to drak on with the same topic for 60 mins this is one good show

    i like this show is veary funny and veary good . i like how they go tru all thetop sports news and i like how they time it topic is good cuz we don't need to drak on with the same topic for 60 mins this is one good show
  • Kornheiser and Wilbon are Hilarious.

    What better way to get the latest scoop in the sports world than to hear it from two guys who are good freinds but hate each others guts. There is none.This is the best sports show yet to date in my short life. Tony Kornheiser and Mike Wilbon are always very to the point, they let you know whats good, and they let you know whats bad. One thing though is it suffers the downfall all sports shows do,if theyre not talking about anything you care its not quite as entertaining, but their constant arguing keeps you and me alike from falling asleep.
  • This is one of the best sports talk shows around.

    This is one of the best sports talk shows around, it is filmed five days a week (normaly) and in Washington, DC. With the hosts Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon. Tony has his own radio show and writes for the Washington Post. Michael also writes for the Washington Post. They both know there stuff, and are not afraid to share and make there opinion known, and ask hard questions in interviews. Bottom line this is a top of the line sports show from ESPN, look for this show to run for many years to come.
  • Why?

    I have one question, can these 2 men ever agree on anything? Please tell me once in the years of this show they agreed. All i see are 2 people fighting over their own opinion. I'm sorry but i don't agree that this is neccesary for a whole show. So i find this show unpleasant. For all we know there could be scripts involved. I mean they're bascilly insulting people. So why don't we get a judgemental channel put this show in it. By the way they shouldn't add the bell if they're just going to continue
  • I can't help but watch it, even when my family makes fun of me for watching something that is only arguing.

    Well, the show is about two sports "analyzers" named Michael Wilbon and Tony Kornheiser, arguing....err, I mean discussing the sports world every day.

    They have a line-ups of who they're going to be arguing...err, discussing about in the show. They have some subjects last 1 minute and thirty seconds, some they have "toss up" where they choose either one or the other, then they have the happy anniversary, happy trails, and whatever else ends in "happy".

    The show ends up being a full out debate. Michael and Tony never seem to agree on anything, so they end up yelling at each other about some sports subjects. Sometimes, these things make me laugh because they're just yelling at each other sometimes, bringing out a totally different subject then making fun of the other. It can really get interesting sometimes, even if you don't like the sport.

    So really, if you like sports in general, and if you want to learn even more about the sports world, then you might want to give this a watch. It is entertaining, informative, and as I said, a "guilty pleasure". You'll find yourself watching this fairly often, sometimes every night.
  • Two Guys Argue about Mostly Sports news and Real life.

    This is an awesome show where two guys argue. This show delivers actual interesting information that you might need to know when you are talking to your bar friend buddy.Great show with stuff that everyone needs to know, If you like sports and you want to keep up with all the gossip, then you should watch this show.
  • Two Washington Post sports writers, Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon debate the hottest topics in Sports, entertainment and News. they also have 5 good minutes with a guest who usually has something to do with Sports. Also have Stat boy who is really Ar

    This show is great. Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon have awesome chemistry. I watched I,Max and thought that Max and Michael Holley didn't have as great chemistry as these two guys. Obviously since they both work for the Washington Post. The show is great, and I like toss up, 5 good minutes, and the ending. Happy Trails, and I like the part where Statboy corrects them. Statboy ofcourse being Tony Reali the Host of Around the Horn another good show. The Big Finish is also great, where they try to get as many things in less then a minute. The only thing that may be disappointing is that Tony and Mike are always taking vacations for a long time, or on assignment for a long time. However Stephen A. Smith, and Jay Mariotti aren't that bad. It's pretty good.
  • There are countless places to get sports news, but only PTI provides daily commentary on the day's sports news (as well as other non-sports stories) in a high-paced format.

    There are countless places to get sports news, but only PTI provides daily commentary on the day’s sports news (as well as other non-sports stories) in a high-paced format. Washington Post sports columnists Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon debate the day’s top stories in a rapid-fire format, as a countdown clock keeps the show moving at a fast pace.

    This show does a good job of providing the essentials of each story so even those unfamiliar with the topic can understand the arguments. Both men have been friends for years, so they know how to push each others’ buttons and make the show humorous. It is a great way to keep up on sports news while being entertained at the same time.

    The only reason I rate this show a 9.5 as opposed to a perfect 10 is that during the summer, Kornheiser and Wilbon take vacations, and the show suffers an obvious letdown. The replacement hosts aren’t as entertaining and aren’t familiar with each other enough to provide good banter.
  • Pardon the Interruption is one of the best Sports shows on TV. Michael Wilbon and Tony Kornheiser do a great job hosting this show. They talk about the daily sports news and have knowledgeable guests.

    Pardon the Interruption is one of the best Sports shows on TV. Michael Wilbon and Tony Kornheiser do a great job hosting this show. They talk about the daily sports news and have knowledgeable guests.

    I especially like how Michael Wilbon and Tony Kornheiser fit together perfectly on this show and work off of each other. It really makes the show great. Their daily "games" are also very entertaining. I have to watch this show every day because that is how addicting it is. I would recommend this to everyone who enjoys sports. Is a GREAT SHOW for any sports fan.
  • good show tells me what i need about the day in sports

    i like this show alot it has a funny input along with sports theme and the 4 segments in each show

    1 intro BIG stories

    2 interview

    3.little game

    4. endings and happy birthdays,happy trails and anveristy for the day

    i think mike a tony are good host and a like to see them argue it is cool most of the time some of the time it is about what they are wearing or doin for that day.
    if it is a huge event world wide or a holiday they will celebrate it usally having tony wear somthin stupid or funny looking.
    iam glad it is on almost every day it is informative and if u like sports watch this show.
  • Two ESPN sports writers argue over hot topics that are going on in the world of entertainment and sports. Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilborn spent two to three minutes on each topic from steriods to Runaway Bride. Then they get five good minutes with the

    Kornheiser and Wilborn duke it out giving their opion on sports and current events. It like watching you and your bestfriend arguing over who is better out of the Rams and the Colts. The show is way ahead of it time and is one of the reasons I watch ESPN.
  • PTI...the daily staple for all of those looking to blend sports and pop culture. TK and MW tackle all the topics of the day, keep it light and enjoyable while being informative.

    For so long I was looking for the show that would combine my love of sports and pop culture. How many times was I stuck between watching the game or watching reality tv. well it didnt take too long to stumble across PTI. Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon, two esteemed writers from the Washington Post spearhead this daily jaunt into the sportsworld, its issues and all of the other hot topics that keep us busy away from our normal work.

    First segment is all about the sports issues. They tackle 90 second segments on what are normally the top 5 issues of the day. Taking turns, they are thoughtful and informative with just the right touch of humor. Siskel and Ebert they are not but they have created a synergy with their audience not only with their views but with their growing pti culture and terminology.

    Second segment is Five Good Minutes. This is the interview segment where they will pull in a member of the sportsworld, either an athlete or sportswriter normally to talk about either an event of hot topic. my fave is charles barkley cause he is sir charles but they always seem to get the best out of their guests, whether it be mr tie-lighter digger phelps or beefcake jay bilas.

    The third segment varies on a daily basis, but this is where they turn it on....mail call, food chain, good cop/bad cop, odds, and the psychic are just some of the bits, tied in with hilarious costumes where they back and forth on the issues sports and entertainment.

    The final segment goes to happy birthdays and happy trails. tony reali, the stat boy, calls the guys out on any errors and provides the perfect wingman with his own spiel.

    the big finish is the rapidfire finish, mostly on a who-ya-got pickem type basis. so if you got the time or a tivo, check it out, give it a week and you'll be hooked.
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