Pardon the Interruption

Weekdays 5:30 PM on ESPN Premiered Oct 22, 2001 In Season





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  • In my opinion this show is ignorant and wrong. They failed to mention key facts about the Seahawks and the officiating in the Superbowl. Question their opinions and facts. I wouldn't be surprised if they were told what to say.

    I will never watch this show again for a long time. There were four horrible game changing calls in this game. The hosts Tony and Michael said the Seahwawks couldn't have made up 11 points. That is an ignorant statement if you know anything about football. Ben Roethlisberger did not score a touchdown. Review doesn't work. Calling offensive pass interference in endzone on that is wrong, the call would not have gone the other way. The biggest play not mentioned by Pardon the Interruption is the phantom offensive holding call. This was horrible, late, and it took away a three point lead. You need to realize football is about momentum. Not to mention the call on Hasselback which set up the game winning touchdown. Any yards in the Superbowl are important. Pardon the Interruption mentioned none of this and I recommend questioning what these two say for know on.