Pardon the Interruption

Weekdays 5:30 PM on ESPN Premiered Oct 22, 2001 In Season





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  • Tony and Mike argue about sports. They give you a rundown on the side of the tv what they are going to talk about. They argue about day to day sports and each others opinions.

    To me this is the best show ever. I love how Tony and Mike argue about sports. They make the show so exciting. They talk about day to day sports and things that are good and bad in sports today. They rate certain sports teams on events that happened that day. They give reviews about opinions. They talk about athletes who get hurt or who doing bad or good. This show is the best. I can't miss one day of it. Mike Wilbon and Tony Kornheisher always disagree about points. In the end they have the toss up which means they talk about what team is better. They also talk about good shows to watch after later on that day. BEST SHOW EVER!