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Weekdays 5:30 PM on ESPN Premiered Oct 22, 2001 In Season





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  • Yah - we're all here extolling PTI's virtues because IT is the 'best damned sports show ever'.

    From an idea by former sports writer, Tony Kornheiser, this show, now technically in it's fifth year, is THE best 'talking heads' sports show on TV.

    Kornheiser and partner, Michael Wilbon (who recently missed just ONE week while undergoing bypass surgery) are the quintiscential, ying-yang of adverserial sports talk. They are more often than not on opposite sides of most issues while miraculously seeming to be in total harmony with each other.

    For those of us who are addicted to the show (my friends all know not to call me during this half hour - even though I DVR it for back-up), we have come to simply enjoy this special dynamic. But it is absolutely amazing that they have somehow found this 'Twilight Zone' of fierce argumentative friendship that inevitably leads us to see two sides of every topic and then arrive at a singular conclusion.

    It is the chemistry, along with, to some degree, the format of this show that makes it special. They have such a reputation, that almost anyone who is anybody in the sports world tunes in whenever possible and is more than willing to be a guest on the show. Charles Barkley is probably the best example of someone who disdains most sports reporters but appears at a moment's notice if PTI calls.

    The list of guests is probably the most impressive of any talk show in history. On the occasion that either TK or MW cannot co-host, there is a litany of others who will gladly sit in - most notably of late, Miami sportswriter, Dan Lebatard, who, despite all of the comments to the contrary, is well-respected and well-liked by the two stars.

    If you have not seen the show, catch it just before the regularly scheduled first-airing of the late-afternoon/early-evening broadcast of Sportscenter. The show is so good that SC now delays the final three minutes of PTI so that it airs as a segment of SC about 15 minutes into their prime sportscast. It has also led to Kornheiser being made a member of the ABC Monday Night Football broadcast (where he, by his own admission, stinks it up). It's unfortunate that unless he is doing the halftime PTI wrap-up with Wilbon, TK has never hit it off with MNF viewers. It's their loss.