Parental Control

Daily 5:30 PM on MTV - Music Television Premiered Feb 06, 2006 Between Seasons


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  • This show is completely FAKE.

    This show is about parents who don't want their son or daughter to date a guy or girl because they believe that their son or daughter's boyfriend or girlfriend is bad for them and will just cause trouble so they have to pick 2 new boyfriends or girlfriends to go out with the parents' son or daughter. In the end, the son or daughter has to pick either one of the new girls or guys or the same girlfriend or boyfriend. Well, I gotta say that this show is fake because this show is scripted. The parents and contestants are wearing earpieces so the producers can tell them their lines and plus the houses look the same meaning they look big but still the same but not every house can be big.

    Overall, this show is not worth your time so I don't reccommend this show to anyone. If your a fan of this show and reading my review, now you know the truth and this concludes my review on this fake show.