Parental Control

Daily 5:30 PM on MTV - Music Television Premiered Feb 06, 2006 Between Seasons


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  • Scripted and Stupid, yet entertaining

    Though this show is clearly scripted, it manages to be more entertaining than shows like Jersey Shore and Ridiculousness. Please understand that this is no way a great show but it manages to put the factor of "mystery" in the show and I suppose that is why people stay to watch it. By mystery factor, I of course mean what kind of person will the child going on these dates choose? and who or what kind of nonsense will the the person watching their significant other have to say or feel about their boyfriend/girlfriend going on these dates with another person? I don't take this show seriously, I kind of look at it as a show that is watchable when there is nothing else on television but nothing to take seriously. It's entertainment value that's all it is, and viewers should take that into account when watching the show. I mean seriously, there is no way that, someone could go on a date with a completely random person they don't even know that well and within a few minutes decide which date she/he wants to choose, when most relationships have take time to build. Do I recommend the show? Not really, but if you happen to flip by this show and there is nothing else to watch, just take a gander at it, who knows, maybe you'll actually find it interesting.