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Based on the 1989 film of the same name, 'Parenthood' is a 45-minute long comedy-drama produced by Jason Katims, Ron Howard, and Brian Grazer. The show depicts the modern challenges of raising a family in this post-technological world, addressing issues that affect both children and parents. The Braverman "clan" depicts three generations with patriarch Zeek (Craig T. Nelson) and matriarch Camille (Bonnie Bedelia) adjusting to their empty nest as their four adult children form their own families. Adam (Peter Krause) is the oldest son and married to Kristina (Monica Potter) with two children (a third arrives soon after). Sarah (Lauren Graham) is the eldest daughter and has two children with an ex-husband who periodically appears. Crosby (Dax Shepard) is the youngest son and learns he has a son with Jasmine (Joy Bryant). Finally, Julia (Erika Christensen) is the youngest child and has two children with her husband Joel (Sam Jaeger). The show has captivated audiences with a deeply connected and personable cast and emotionally-driven, realistic storylines touching on all aspects of family life. The series is set in Berkeley, California and is filmed in Southern California.

The show has 10 wins and 18 nominations. In 2013, Monica Potter won a Best Supporting Actress in a Drama award from the Critics Choice TV Awards. The show has also been nominated for a Golden Globe and for a Primetime Emmy.

Lauren Graham

Lauren Graham

Sarah Braverman

Mae Whitman

Mae Whitman

Amber Holt

Peter Krause

Peter Krause

Adam Braverman

Xolo Mariduena

Xolo Mariduena

Victor (season 4+, guest previously)

Ray Romano

Ray Romano

Hank Rizzoli

Monica Potter

Monica Potter

Kristina Braverman

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  • Awesome show

    I liked this show from the moment that I got into it. What you have hear is an interesting drama about a family and of course it has all the dramas that would unfold in families. I mostly started watching it to see how they handled the autistic kid and stayed into it for many other reasons. I don't hate how that character was portrayed at all. I think that they did him pretty well. But this show is very good with how they handle different events in life. I recommend it to everyone.moreless
  • So Sad

    I will miss it
  • Sniff! Sniff!

    I am inconsolable... I LOVE your show. You are the BEST. No violence! Real people in real situations. Dialogues that sounded real and not cute or off-the-cuff. Felt a little bit like eavesdropping on real conversations.

    Thank you everyone for this production. If I had one word to describe your show, it would be EXCELLENCE. You will be sorely missed...
  • Amazing show!

    Amazing show, I like how dialogues are in this show, totally natural, sometimes they overlap each other and you can't understand much from what is being said but that's whats realistic about it. Very good show, I really connected to the characters and I think the ending will be great. The most emotional moment for me was when Joel and Julia were separated, that really touched me.

  • Its an good show

    I'm glad this show is coming to an end. Its gotten depressing. Get to see Lauren Graham get married but to Ray. They don't have any chemistry/ I guess she had all the good guys on Gilmore Girls. I'll watch see how ends.

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  • HELP!

    What Show Should I Watch to Fill the Parenthood Void?

    Now that Parenthood is over, what thoughtful family drama should I watch next?

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