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Season 6 : Episode 13

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Based on the 1989 film of the same name, 'Parenthood' is a 45-minute long comedy-drama produced by Jason Katims, Ron Howard, and Brian Grazer. The show depicts the modern challenges of raising a family in this post-technological world, addressing issues that affect both children and parents. The Braverman "clan" depicts three generations with patriarch Zeek (Craig T. Nelson) and matriarch Camille (Bonnie Bedelia) adjusting to their empty nest as their four adult children form their own families. Adam (Peter Krause) is the oldest son and married to Kristina (Monica Potter) with two children (a third arrives soon after). Sarah (Lauren Graham) is the eldest daughter and has two children with an ex-husband who periodically appears. Crosby (Dax Shepard) is the youngest son and learns he has a son with Jasmine (Joy Bryant). Finally, Julia (Erika Christensen) is the youngest child and has two children with her husband Joel (Sam Jaeger). The show has captivated audiences with a deeply connected and personable cast and emotionally-driven, realistic storylines touching on all aspects of family life. The series is set in Berkeley, California and is filmed in Southern California.

The show has 10 wins and 18 nominations. In 2013, Monica Potter won a Best Supporting Actress in a Drama award from the Critics Choice TV Awards. The show has also been nominated for a Golden Globe and for a Primetime Emmy.

Lauren Graham

Lauren Graham

Sarah Braverman

Mae Whitman

Mae Whitman

Amber Holt

Peter Krause

Peter Krause

Adam Braverman

Xolo Mariduena

Xolo Mariduena

Victor (season 4+, guest previously)

Ray Romano

Ray Romano

Hank Rizzoli

Sam Jaeger

Sam Jaeger

Joel Graham

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  • Its an good show

    I'm glad this show is coming to an end. Its gotten depressing. Get to see Lauren Graham get married but to Ray. They don't have any chemistry/ I guess she had all the good guys on Gilmore Girls. I'll watch see how ends.
  • Really??? RAY ROMANO??!!

    I don't know why I keep watching this ridiculous show. They talk over each other, the women on this show are terrible moms except for the Grandmother. I can't STAND Max, he needs to be slapped in the mouth for some of the things he says. THey let him get away with too much. I have invested this much time into it, so I will keep going till the end.
  • Don't Cancel this show!!!!

    this is one of the best shows on the air. PLEASE don't take it off the air! It is, by far my favourite TV series and a big favourite for our family too.
  • All about Sarah.

    This is the worst TV Show I have ever 40 year old woman living with her parents for free,asking her sister for money to send her ex-husband to rehab,sleeping with I have a sister like Sarah,I would never talk to her again,that family is so crazy,what a great message to say it is okay to be 40 and be a freeloader,I watch it in Netflix and every time Sarah comes out I fast forward to the other the show is about Sarah.moreless
  • I still love the show, s7please

    Why are you people upset at it being a lesbian character,who cAres?

    When and if ur child comes homes with a homosexual problem this would probably change for u because the simple fAct is, that while we can't control what happens on television or even agree with it, things like this happens every day for some people... I don't agree with the homosexual lifestyle but it happens and it may one day happen to your family..

    They were trying to tackle every angle of real situations.

    yes, the media is definitely shoving homosexuality down our throats.

    I find it most disappointing that no one mentioned the abortion episode, a decision mAde by two immature teens, taking a life is far worst than being WITH the same sex... its ALL sin.

    Lets not mention the infidelity that is also being thrown at our culture, divorce and separation is not something I look forward to as a single young woman looking for start a fAmily some day... so when u stop watching bc of an homosexual need to actually check ur values. There are so many other things to point fingers at in this show but you seem blind to them bc of ur super judgmental thoughts that cloud your head.

    HOMOSEXUALITY IS A SIN, MURDERING AN UNBORN CHILD IS A SIN AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST INFIDELITY IS A SIN, HAVING SEX BEFORE MARRIAGE IS A are things THAT I DO NOT plan on importing into my if u plan on being done with the show do it for the real issues that exists on the have been desensitized to these is JUST the biggest hottest issue out there at the time.

    At some point someone argued about no sex on television, no swearing etc..

    I personally love the show and I especially hated the abortion eps. I personally dont agree with majority of all the issues that they present of the show.

    so for those who thinks its okay to cheat on ur spouse, have teens abort unborn babies, have sex b4 marriage, etc then go ahead and let a gay character turn u off, (one of the many sins they are presenting to the world) I say to you the gay not be ur ONLY issue...

    U can start by reading the bible it will tell u that all these things are not the way intended for fAmily values.

    With all that said, the show is still very entertaining to me and ive come to love the characters. I enjoy the realness of unfortunately homosexuality is a big part of our culture today with all the other issues of the world i love the show and would like for season

    :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)


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