Season 4 Episode 15

Because You Are My Sister

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jan 22, 2013 on PBS

Episode Recap

Crosby has planned a dinner for Jasmine and a hotel for a romantic night out. Crosby says it's an anniversary gift. Jasmine asks about a babysitter for Jabbar. Crosby suggests Renee will take care of him, but Renee comes in saying that she wants to move out. At the photo studio, Hank says he needs to go visit his daughter to help sort out some issues with the school. He'll be back in two days he says. Sarah finds this a bit odd but says she will look after the shop while he's gone.

Kristina goes in for another checkup. The oncologist says that nothing seems concerning at this point but they need to do one final PET scan to check if the chemotherapy drugs had any effect on her organs. Kristina is nervous about taking the test as the results could show more cancer or damage, or even show up clean as well. Meanwhile, Julia and Joel tell Victor how the adoption will proceed. Sydney all of a sudden says she doesn't support the adoption, even though she has little say in the matter.

Mr. Andrew Holt checks his application status for Berkeley and is elated to see that he has been accepted into the school. Ryan brings flowers to Amber and tells her about how Joel rehired him. Ryan says that he also started therapy again and is taking his medication. Ryan apologizes one more time and says that he is really trying here to change his life. Amber cries, but she gives him a hug. She's still finding it hard to forgive him outright.

Kristina goes for her final chemo session. While there, it's clear that she's made some friends over the past few months. A familiar face appears, Gwen, the woman who gave some advice to Kristina early on in her treatment. Gwen says she relapsed and it's not good this time. Mark heads over to Sarah's house to make his case. He still loves her and he feels like she is the one for him. Sarah hears him out and smiles softly. Mark leaves before she can say anything else, he just wants an answer after she thinks about it.

Drew tells Camille, Zeek, and Sarah about his acceptance. Joel tells Victor not to worry about what Sydney says as they pick out a suit. Meanwhile, Crosby and Jasmine are cleaning out the spare room. But Jasmine is not happy that Renee is leaving and neither is her brother. Adam and Kristina drink a glass of wine to celebrate the end of her chemotherapy sessions. He also produces an envelope. Within it is booking confirmation for a trip to Hawaii. Adam says they have the money to do this. They have enough support for Max. Kristina is still weary, they don't know if she's 100% healthy. She isn't so hopeful after seeing Gwen back in chemotherapy. Later on, Kristina approaches Adam at the recording studio with a pink wig. She apologizes for overreacting. Adam and Kristina share a kiss.

Sarah visits Mark at school saying that she chooses Hank. Mark is deeply hurt but tries to smile. Sarah says she loves him very much. Mark doesn't know what to say. Back at Julia's house, Victor accidentally breaks something. He is sad because he doesn't want to upset Julia again. Julia takes a calmer approach and says that it's okay; just to remember not to play football in the house. Victor asks if she is going to reconsider the adoption, but Julia says she will never do that, she's sure about it now. Drew talks to Amy about the acceptance. They both got accepted to different schools. They come to a realization that they need to break it off and they do, mutually.

Amber finds Ryan at his apartment and tells him the time she was drinking and got into that accident a few years ago. Amber confesses that she loves him (while sobbing again) and she hugs him. Ryan says there's so much in his life that doesn't make sense, but what they have does make sense and they love each other. Victor decides to tell Sydney that he wants her to be at his adoption ceremony. Julia overhears Sydney say yes. Meanwhile, Crosby and Jasmine enjoy their night out. Jasmine is noticeably quiet. She says that she's still guilty about having Renee leave their house. Jasmine says that Renee raised them as a single mom and they may need her help soon as Jasmine is pregnant, she admits. Crosby takes a double take and Jasmine confirms. The two are elated. They go over to see Renee and Jasmine's brother and they confess that Jasmine is pregnant. Crosby apologizes again to Renee and she is happy about the news.

Hank and Sarah are talking. He abruptly tells Sarah that he's going to move to Minnesota. Shocked, Sarah doesn't know what to say. She looks very upset but tries to mouth words of support. Tears form in her eyes as she holds Hank's hand. Kristina goes in for her PET scan. The family meets up at the courthouse for the adoption signing. Max gives Victor a family-warming present, a lizard. Amber has learned of Drew's acceptance. The entire Braverman clan files into the judge's small room for the adoption signing. Joel and Julia agree to provide for Victor as their parents and Victor understands and agrees. As the judge signs the papers, the entire family pipes in showing how much support Victor actually has. It's clear that an entire herd is adopting Victor, not just two parents.

Hank comes to see Sarah one last time. He says he's headed to the airport. Hank gives a camera to Sarah for Max. It's a special camera, in which you can look down into the viewscope. This would be more comfortable for Max as it's hard for people with Asperger's to look people in the eye. Sarah accepts the gift. Hank says he may love her. Sarah says that she loves him too. Hank says to come with him but Sarah isn't so sure.

At the oncologist's office, the doctor reports that Kristina is cancer free. The PET scan was clear of any further issues. She has a few more steps to go through before her life can return to normal but she is elated. She thanks the doctor and hugs Adam. A montage of short clips ends the season: Victor settles in with his new family; Ryan and Amber check out some jewelry; Kristina gives Gwen the chemo blanket given to her by Camille; Mark leaves the school alone; Jasmine sees the baby on a ultrasound machine; the family celebrates Drew's acceptance; Hank moves into his new house in Minnesota; Adam and Kristina enjoy their vacation in Hawaii.