Season 4 Episode 15

Because You Are My Sister

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jan 22, 2013 on NBC

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  • #415 'Because You Are My Sister'

    Okay, let's do this. The first part of the episode was very slow. We learned a couple of things. Kristina has to undergo an MRI to see if there's everything in order and if the cancer isn't spreading. There's a bit of a tension as she refuses to go on a Hawaii vacation as of yet. But she received an amazing message at the end of the episode - her body is cancer free ;) I hope that her cancer storyline really ends here, it was a great ride but enough is enough, lady had a bad year. Just give her and Adam a break already.

    Drew got accepted to Berkley and Hank leaves town to spend some quality time with his teenage daughter but we have still no idea if Sarah got together again with Mark Cyr. Amber probably gets engaged (as she and her boyfriend are looking for a ring), Adam and Kristina take that long needed vacation, Victor finally becomes a Braverman and Jazmine is pregnant. This was a nice (although rather slow) episode but I'm garteful they didn't push it too hard. This might possibly serve as a series finale if the show doesn't get a pick up for a 5th season - whcih I think WILL happen since NBC doens't have many long running shows and this was Parenthood's 68th episode which gets them close to syndication. I hope we'll meet again, Bravermans. [9.0/10]
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