Season 4 Episode 15

Because You Are My Sister

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jan 22, 2013 on PBS

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  • Ending squarely high on the mountaintop (no cliffhanger here)

    There may not be a cliffhanger, but we're still eagerly awaiting Jasmine's pregnancy to pan out. We're waiting for the inevitably less than celebratory reaction of Amber & I don't engagement? Maybe even their elope (I wouldn't be surprised). Frankly, I'm not TOO crazy about their romance. Yes, Ryan has made some incredible, romantic gestures designed to make us root for them, and throwing a new man into the mix at this point WOULD be frustrating, BUT. I think they're too serious. Not enough fun as a couple.

    And the fight for Sarah. How romantic. How dreamy. How many girls/women would love to have two men fighting over her so? Realistic? Not so much. I was disappointed with Hank at how long it took him to INVITE HER to move with him. He's so awkward and has no confidence in himself, a huge turn off, yet is cool and edgy somehow. Honestly, I DO like him better than goody-two-shoes Mark. But if I had been Sarah, I would have legit yelled at Hank. One minute, he's telling her, decide between me and Mark, the next it's, well, I've already decided I'm gonna move, didn't discuss it with then some lingering silence, and Sarah just stutters, oh, ok. Ugh. This is a drama, there's obviously not a problem with yelling out your initial feelings.

    Drew and his (ex) telling each other that they'll never forget each other was the epitome of sadness and truth. And reality. For me, that moment alone makes the show something to watch.

    Glad for Kristina and Adam. I thought she overreacted initially about his surprise for Hawaii (if the doctor cleared it, she shouldn't have let herself get so worried), and he's been great for her this whole time. Now they're in Hawaii. Good riddance.

    And I would have been furious at Julia if she didn't adopt that boy. Good thing she did is all I can say.