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NBC (ended 2015)

After what feels like days and weeks of worrying about our favorite extended TV family, NBC has finally reached a decision on the loud but lovable Braverman clan: Parenthood will be back for a 13-episode sixth and final season.

Even though the Season 5 finale would've been an okay series finale—it ended with the entire family celebrating Zeek and Camille's new beginnings with one of their giant dinners, in a new backyard—it's nice to know that Parenthood will be back to wrap up the handful of loose threads Season 5 left us with. Oh, what are those threads, you ask? How about WTF Amber was doing buying a pregnancy test, like, the day after she participated in the most awkward cry-sex scene on the planet? And we just can't go on not knowing whether or not Joel and Julia actually worked things out and got back together after that adorable scene in Sydney's bed. He wasn't at the family dinner, and inquiring minds needs answers, dammit!

Are you excited for more Parenthood?

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