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If you haven't seen it yet, TV.com is running a fun poll for the Best of 2013. Go check it out and vote for your favorites! We'll be tallying up the winners in January.

Looks like Breaking Bad is the clear current winner on the Best Drama Series 2013 poll right now (& it's no wonder why, with such an amazing last season) but I'd like to make a impassioned plea for you to think a little more outside of the box on this one.

One show that's on the list though overshadowed by the Breaking Bad love is one of my favorite shows on TV right now: Parenthood. So here goes my best try at winning my favorite show one more vote!

Why Should You Vote For Parenthood?

5. Kleenex will sponsor you.

Just kidding, but in all seriousness, the amount of tissues I go through when watching Parenthood is astounding. I cry during sad moments. I cry during happy moments. Sometimes I even cry in preparation for all the crying I know I'm about to do. But all the crying means one very important thing: this show makes me feel. It's rare these days that I watch a TV show and feel a strong emotional connection. I usually just half ignore what's going on while I'm also sewing or crafting but Parenthood is impossible to ignore. I feel a strong bond with these characters and it's so refreshing to actually get emotional when things happen to them on my screen. Feelings, I tell you! They're magical things.

4. The credit sequence

Bob Dylan and cute baby photos? What more could a girl want? I love getting to see very real (looking?) childhood photos of these actors and the whole sequence really sets up the love and warmth of the Braverman clan. Well done, NBC!

3. Ray Romano

Maybe this is just me, but man oh man do I love Ray Romano. He started off as a love interest but it's looking like he's going to have a pretty steady guest role in Parenthood going forward. Mentor, ex-boyfriend, and funny man, Ray Romano does it all. I love his pop-ins at Sarah's house. They just feel like such real moments to me.

2. Parenthood isn't afraid to have things not work out in the end

I want to try to keep this spoiler free for those of you who haven't watched or aren't caught up yet but let's just say that every storyline on Parenthood doesn't always wrap up nicely with a bow. The writers aren't afraid to have relationship rifts and familial squabbles. Characters screw up, a lot. At certain points during the show's run I haven't even been sure myself if families and couples would stay together or break apart. How novel! How often do you see TV life mimic real life? We don't always get what we want, right? So why should these people on our screens?

1. The ensemble cast

Let's be real here. The number one reason why you should be watching and voting for Parenthood? The cast. This show is just brilliantly cast. These actors have real chemistry together. Whether they're in love or arguing, talking over each other or refusing to listen, laughing or crying, these actors sell it. They really feel like a family, each and every one. I'm getting goosebumps just thinking about how awesome they are.

So there you have it! Did I get your vote? Tell me why or why not in the comments.

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