Season 2 Episode 17

Do Not Sleep With Your Autistic Nephew's Therapist

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Feb 22, 2011 on PBS

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  • This episode was as fast paced as the previous week's was slow. So much happened; you really had to keep up.

    I am sorry (sorta) that Crosby and Max's therapist may not/probably won't develop a real relationship. I think she is better suited for him. I know he loves Jabbar, but I wish he would make a commitment to help raise his son, instead of marrying Jasmine. I am sorry (sorta) that Sarah and Seth could not get back together. I hope he will make a commitment to stay in the lives of his children. I am sorry (definitely) that Adam is already annoyed with Alex. It would be nice if he could become a surrogate father for him - but I understand that Adam has so much on his plate that he couldn't possibly take on an additional responsibility. And I hope, (definitely), that Julia has another baby soon, before Sydney becomes a total "monster." But the good news is - Zeke and Camille finally got in some hot and heavy laundry room sex!
  • Heavy stuff

    There were several very heavy storylines going on this episode. We have the knew it was coming bailout of Seth from the kids lives with the great line by Drew that said if he was a real dad, he wouldn't be leaving even though Amber had blasted him. Crosby and Gaby together..hmm..don't think it would work show wise but I think they might be using it as a way to write out the Jasmine character as she has not added much lately except negativity. Hopefully we don't lose Gaby in the crossfire. Lastly, the bomb dropped as Max finally learns he has Asberger's Syndrome. We'll see where that goes.