Season 5 Episode 9

Election Day

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Nov 21, 2013 on PBS

Episode Recap

Joel and Julia bring Victor to school knowing how difficult things will be for him that day. Ed greets Julia as Joel and Victor head to the bathroom first. Ed consoles her again but says it's the best thing for him. Amber finds a full bottle of pills in one of Ryan's drawers. Max visits Hank and finds his daughter, Ruby, sitting there. Hank introduces them as Ruby heads to get donuts. Max and Hank get to work on their latest photos. Kristina is having one of her last campaign pushes. She is all around the city today promoting her campaign and talking about her plans. As they are walking back, Heather gets the latest poll numbers. Kristina is neck-and-neck with Bob Little.

Crosby and Jasmine canvass to get people interested in voting. Jasmine seems to be having more luck but they are in an area where a lot of Black residents live. Crosby feels out of place but is happy to help. He asks if she is offended that Kristina sent them here to help draw voters out for the mayoral election. Jasmine isn't the slightest offended, and they talk about voting for Obama and seeing the first Black American president. While in the dark room, Max tells Hank that he intends to ask Ruby to be his girlfriend. Hank says this is a bad idea: she lives in Minnesota, she's moody, but Max says she meets all the criteria.

Crosby finds Amber up in the office of the Lunchonette organizing the paperwork. Crosby has plans downstairs though. He needs Amber to sing back-up vocals for the bands album. One of the band members, Zack, has clearly taken a liking to Amber, and he watches her as she sings. Amber heads home after a long but joyful day. Ryan has got dinner already and Amber tells him about the guide vocal today. Amber asks Ryan if he is made at her. Ryan says no but Amber wonders weather things are all right. Amber asks if he is taking the pills again. Ryan says no but the prescription is from two weeks ago.

Joel sees a message from Ed on Julia's phone. He becomes somewhat suspicious that something is up, but Julia tries not to draw attention to this. Crosby attempts to vote but he hasn't been a registered voter for a while, so he doesn't have a voter card. He and Jabbar vote publicly by announcing it to the small line that has formed behind them. Max asks Ruby to be his girlfriend. Ruby scoffs at this but Hank pulls her aside saying that she should be nice to Max. Ruby doesn't understand and storms off. Victor is upset when he comes home from school. Victor asks Julia why she said he was smart. He calls her a liar.

Adam tells Kristina that he is so proud of her as they vote. Sarah gets a home visit from Hank. He needs female advice and explains the situation between Max and Ruby. Sarah knows why Ruby is upset because Hank says to pretend to be Max's girlfriend. Liking someone is a two-way street. Hank thanks her and is on her way. Julia calls Joel telling him that she needs some help at home. Jabbar and Crosby play checkers as Jasmine. Jabbar tells Jasmine how they voted and so Crosby is caught in a little white lie. Jasmine wants to teach Jabbar about the right to vote.

At the Lunchonette, Oliver Rome, the lead singer wants to use Amber's back-up vocals as the real vocals for one of their tracks. Kristina and Adam are talking to voters when her friend, Gwen, arrives to vote. Gwen is very proud of Kristina and is wheeled into the polling station by a relative. Julia bursts into the construction office where Meredith Peet and Joel are grabbing dinner and looking over the construction plans. Julia wants to talk to Joel. Joel asks if there is an emergency, but Julia looks sternly and just says that she needs to talk to him. Joel is upset now and tells her that they will talk when he gets home. Julia is angry now and steps out of the office.

Jasmine learns that Crosby has never voted. Crosby explains that he could not register today and he could not submit his vote. Hank tries to talk to Max about Ruby and relationships in general. Hank says that relationships are hard for a lot of people, including himself and there's no need to rush anything. Max thanks him for his advice. Meanwhile, the band is drinking at the bar with Amber. Oliver Rome continues to compliment her and Zach is also there. Amber gets a call from Ryan. She apologizes to him for not telling him she was going for drinks. Ryan offers to come get her since she is now probably too drunk to drive.

Crosby tries to convince a neighbor to vote for Kristina since he cannot make his vote. Crosby offers $20 for a vote for Kristina. Amber waits for Ryan to arrive while Zach continues to talk to her. She's upset because he doesn't want Ryan to be made. When Ryan arrives, he sees Zach's arm casually on Amber. This upsets him and when Oliver Rome tries to calm Ryan down, Ryan attacks the both of them. Amber screams to stop but Ryan is already punching. Zeek finds Amber at the police station and consoles her as she sobs.

Drew introduces Natalie to his mom Sarah. Max reports that Kristina is up by 7000 votes, but that more polling stations need to be counted. Crosby recounts his vote-buy with Jasmine and Julia. Joel asks Julia to talk in private. They argue in the hallway about the whole situation. Joel asks how Julia could burst into that construction office like that. He would have never done that to her at the law firm, ever. He says that he took care of the home for 9 years but Julia can't give him three months for this project. Julia says that this is a crisis. Joel says that he will fix the problem and leaves before the final election results come in.

Adam and Kristina continue waiting to see whether they will need the winning speech or the losing speech. The lights go on and Kristina announces that she has conceded to Bob Little. She thanks everyone for their support and is extremely grateful for the support and the opportunity to run. Everyone claps and Heather congratulates her. There is also a special visitor. The woman who spoke about her deaf daughter is there and introduces Kristina to her daughter.