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Episode 1x11 discussion Solace

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    Taking solace is very human, finding it in the most appropriate way is usually hard to achieve. But ultimately, our way to get it and our reasons to support it are as different as one person is to the other and all are equally valid. It is a very personal decision how and why to do it; funny thing being that regardless if it ends up hurting or soothing, neither will make it any more worth or wrong in the long run. Gotta live to learn.
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    Just found this series Friday and I've been watching all weekend. I believe the main reason I gave this show a try is Ray Romano. Anyway, I can appreciate the tone of this episode but I just do not understand how the writer of this episode would include the scene about the sponge bob/NFL tv conflict. Thought the idea a family like that would have only 1 tv was ridiculous. Other than that I am really enjoying the show.
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