Season 2 Episode 22

Hard Times Come Again No More

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Apr 19, 2011 on NBC

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  • Overdramatic but with a sincere touch.

    I won't ever get over the amount of drama the characters on Parenthood initiate. Every single topic, event or conversation is dragged out endlessly for the benefit of drama. Objectively though, that's nothing new and going in to this finale there was no escaping the emotional hospital scene that saw the Bravermans be a family in waiting.
    Amber's accident was shocking and if such a thing happens in real life it would probably go somewhat as it was portrayed here. Still, there's a feeling of forced drama that lingers over the sad scenes that see Amber break down over what happened. There was never any doubt that by season's end she would see the light of day again and as a lover of car accidents, this one felt misplaced. I mean, Jasmine changed her mind over a conversation with Joel, why couldn't Amber? In all seriousness there were some high points to the episode. Julia being sucked into a labor was comedic and a nice road to the inevitable adoption story. Sarah's play was well received beyond the cliche and of course Adam was freaking out over retainers and birth control. Him getting fired was a surprisingly pleasant pay-off for him being such a stuck-up all the time. In that respect it was even more refreshing to see him go from extremely angry to weirdly happy in the final scene. There was absolutely not a twist that couldn't be seen six episodes ago yet the never ending feed of drama kept it in balance.
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