Season 5 Episode 21

I'm Still Here

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Apr 10, 2014 on PBS

Episode Recap

Max and Amber barge into Hank's studio. It appears that Max is upset because he got a longer homework assignment that impeded on his time at the photo studio. Amber is unsuccessful in calming Max down but Hank easily placates him. Crosby shows Joel the damage to his house, telling him that he doesn't have a lot of money to fix. Crosby tries to persuade Joel to help him fix the house himself but Joel escapes before committing to taking it on. Drew tries to avoid Natalie but she tries to level with him, offering her notes. Adam, Kristina, Julia, and Mr. Knight scope out possible locations for their new school and find a building that may be suitable. Back at home, Kristina gets a call from Gwen's sister Michelle informing her that Gwen isn't doing so well. Michelle says to come see Gwen one last time. Julia admits to Sarah that she slept with Evan Knight after CD release party. Sarah is shocked but Julia also now feels bad about it now. Sarah shrugs it off and reassures Julia that she has done nothing wrong. She tells Julia to tell Mr. Knight that it was a one-night thing. At the construction site, Meredith tells Joel to take care of his brother-in-law Crosby after hearing about his housing issues. She tells Joel that he is a "family man". Sarah brings nutritious muffins for Drew and runs into Natalie, unexpectedly. Outside, Sarah bumps into Hank who is working a photography shoot at the college. They awkwardly dance around their previous discussions, trying to determine whether they are a couple or not. Sarah says she has given some thought to it but she will talk to him about it later, when he is not working. Kristina visits Gwen, who is now spending her last days at home. Through tears, Kristina tells Gwen about her new school and the hope for a new start there for Max. Gwen can barely move but she moves some fingers and opens and closes her eyes. Kristina thanks Gwen for being so supportive during her own battle with cancer and is so sad to see Gwen nearing the end. Kristina stays for a while. Julia informs Adam and Kristina that there is a bid on the old building that they want to use as the school. Kristina tells her that they will get the school and heads off to work on her plan. Meanwhile, Joel comes to Crosby's aid. Julia heads over to Mr. Knight's house to break the news, telling him that she got ahead of herself. She hopes that she was not taking advantage of him. They agree not to tell Adam and Kristina. Meanwhile, Adam finds Kristina in her bedroom having heard that Gwen has died. She feels horrible about her last conversation with Gwen because she couldn't have a two-way conversation. She's upset because it's not fair that she had to die. Adam tries best to console her. Sarah tells Adam about Hank's new relationship progress. Adam asks what she thinks about being with Hank. Sarah says she is worried but that she can also forget that he has possible Asperger's. Adam says that she could do a lot worse. Max and Amber arrive at the photography studio. Amber was dropping Max off but she gets a distressing phone call outside. Max notices this and sets Hank in action. Clearly, Amber is extremely distressed and says there has been an accident. Hank suggests that Amber not drive given how upset she is she almost takes off. But Hank offers to drive and closes up the shop quickly. Kristina meets with Bob Little. She hopes that Bob Little will personally lease the proposed school property from the city instead of sell it off to a developer. Bob Little isn't so amused by this and says he'll maybe look into it. Kristina challenges him to do the right thing. Meanwhile, Hank drives a crying Amber to the hospital emergency room where someone she knows is in surgery. They will have to wait for an update and Hank offers to wait with Amber. Drew gets another visit from Natalie. They finally tell each other what's on their minds. Natalie is upset because she was basically forgotten when Amy arrived. Drew accepts her apology but brushes her off. Meanwhile, Crosby and Joel talk about the sale of Zeek and Camille's house while taking a break from their freshly refinished floors. Joel asks how Julia is and Crosby tells him about the new school. They share a couple of laughs and for a moment, the scene echoes an earlier time when the two were much more close. Crosby asks how Joel is doing. Joel feels like he is in limbo and doesn't recommend it. Crosby tells Joel that they all miss him. When Crosby shows him a video of his niece, he realizes he has been removed from the family for a while. Back at the college, Drew finally musters up the courage to tell Natalie that he doesn't want to sleep around with people. He wants Natalie to be his girlfriend. She agrees and they kiss. In the emergency room, Sarah arrives finding Amber and Hank waiting. The drive was a long one and Hank thanks Sarah for coming so that she can move Amber and head to the bathroom. The next day, Joel heads over to find Julia at their house. He says he's here to fix the dishwasher but ends up talking to Julia about her parent's house and the repairs to Crosby's house. Julia thanks Joel for stopping by and they part ways for now. Julia smiles. Crosby, Jasmine, Jabbar, and Aida finally get to return to their home. Adam finds Kristina in the living room. Gwen has left Kristina something. They open it together to find a card saying that the new school will be a great ride and in the box is a sapling. There is also a cheque, a donation for the new school. Finally, Sarah and Amber get to see Ryan. He is quite injured with some cuts and abrasions to his face. He cries upon seeing her with Sarah watching from the doorway.