Season 3 Episode 8


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Nov 08, 2011 on PBS

Episode Recap

Crosby and Adam are still struggling to settle on a secretary, but they finally have their eyes on one girl (Rachel) who knows a bit about the music industry. Crosby and Adam agree that the girl is good but Adam thinks it's a cliché to hire the pretty girl. Adam also admits he is having some problems at home with Kristina. They decide to hire Rachel. At home, Zeek is looking for some keys while Drew and Amy are over doing some homework. Zeek mentions the recording studio party happening soon and has Drew invite Amy to the event, saying he should be inviting his girlfriend to things like this. Drew is embarrassed that he used the term girlfriend and swears he never said that to him.

Sarah and Seth head to a motel but it's very run down and far from his treatment center. Seth says he will settle in over the next few days, but Sarah debates having Seth stay in this place. Sarah later voices her concerns to Amber. Amber argues that she can give up her place for Seth and Amber can stay at the grandparent's house for the time being. Camille informs Zeek that they are baby-sitting on Friday. Zeek really wanted to go to the opening of the recording studio but Camille says it would be helpful for Kristina to have a night off from the baby. Crosby packs up Jabbar and learns that Dr. Joe has shown him the sixth Harry Potter film even though Crosby is in the middle of reading the fourth one with Jabbar.

Seth heads over to Amber's new apartment. It's a bit awkward as she tells him about the little quirks of the place. Amber is heading to work and Seth thanks her for supporting him. Zeek passes by to see the baby and Adam. Kristina prepares dinner. Zeek tries to get out of baby-sitting saying that Camille is really upset that she wasn't invited to the studio opening. Adam hints on it a bit, but says he'll try to get another baby-sitter. Amber heads home and sees Mark and Sarah. The atmosphere is light, for once. Mark learns that Seth is staying at Amber's. Mark agrees to come to the opening and meet the family. Crosby laments to Adam about Dr. Joe spending more time with Jabbar. Meanwhile, Kristina heads into the studio and finds Rachel greeting her. She is shocked with the new hire, complaining that Rachel is a super-model. Drew apologizes about Zeek jumping the gun and saying Amy was his girlfriend. But Drew does say they should go and tell them that Amy is his girlfriend and everyone at that. Amy agrees.

Adam tells Camille to come to the party, but Camille picks up on Zeek's actions and says she will babysit and that Zeek can still go to the opening. Seth fills Sarah in on Amy because Drew would only tell Seth and would never mention this type of tuff to Sarah. Seth reminisces some more and before she knows it, Seth is kissing Sarah. She later informs Camille of the problem the next morning: Seth vs. Mark. Amber overhears from the porch. At the studio, the tension

Meanwhile, Julia persuades Kristina to put on a dress and head to the studio party and although she still feels subconscious, she agrees to go. Crosby gets more news from Jabbar about Dr. Joe, this time he says Dr. Joe is taking him to his first football game. Crosby later confronts Dr. Joe about this and essentially says to back off a bit; he's the father here. Amber heads back to her apartment to grab her lipstick. Seth mentions that he's found a place nearby and wants to give guitar lessons. Amber is surprised; Seth won't be touring anymore.

At the recording studio, Drew introduces Amy to the aunts. Adam fends off older men for Haddie. Mark meets some of the men and has a talk with them. Jasmine comes by and talks to Crosby. Amber sees how much Mark and Sarah work but can't help to think about Seth. Kristina talks more with Rachel. Adam looks for Kristina and finds her upstairs upset about her insecurity. Adam tries to console and says she does look ravishing tonight. Zeek finds the crowd too young and heads home to dance with Camille, who has those older musical tastes. They get Sydney and Jabbar dancing. Amber comes over to tell Seth about Mark and through tears, tells Seth about how she feels, saying Sarah has been so happy lately.

Dr. Joe heads over to the studio and gives him the tickets for the football game. Crosby says they are amazing seats. Dr. Joe apologizes for over-stepping, but says that he will be sticking around, so this is something they will have to deal with. Seth comes up with a story: he wrote his cousin in rehab and he has offered him a job and a place to live. Seth says it's in Tahoe but will come to visit from time to time. Sarah is upset to see him go, but believes this story. Amber moves back to her place but Seth has left a large envelope full of birthday cards, all to make up for the ones he missed. He actually writes in each one of them. Amber cracks a smile.