Season 3 Episode 8


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Nov 08, 2011 on PBS

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  • A fine example of the quality of this show.


    I seriously look forward to this show every week. There's no denying that among us fans of the show. The dynamics of short and long storylines are fantastic in this series. We have Julia, Joel and Zoey in their adoption scenario. Amy and Drew, Sarah-Mark-Seth-Amber, Adam-Kristina-Crosby, Crosby-Jabbar-Dr. Joe-Jasmine, I mean the interplay goes on and on. The dynamic is key. It's interesting to watch these stories unfold and get tackled bit by bit on a weekly basis. And the fun part is that it's not boring in between because there are other stories and other storylines that come up on a within-episode basis that are fun to watch too.

    This episode brought closure to the character of Seth. I really did wonder what they were going to do with him. And it was really becoming conflicting between him, Sarah, and Mark. Amber was totally right though at the end: Sarah is so happy right now and Seth is interfering, making her confused. And I honestly felt so bad for Amber having to say it, just like the character. I literally felt horrible. And I understood Sarah's feelings: she sees Seth become a better person, reminiscing and talking about the old times, that kiss. Sarah is torn, just like the viewers in what she should do. But the ending of this was so sweet: those cards were an amazing conception of an idea. And Amber just ripping that package open was just an emotional highpoint for me. It was the perfect gift from Seth. So it just goes to show how the emotions bleeds right through my TV screen.

    The show continues to pull at the heartstrings. It's a strength and along with that it keeps me entertained. What else could you ask for in a drama?