Season 5 Episode 4

In Dreams Begin Responsibilities

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Oct 17, 2013 on PBS

Episode Recap

Ryan and Amber bring Sarah to an area of the park where they want to have the wedding. Sarah wonders where people are going to sit. Ryan says that only his groomsmen will be coming – his mom won't be able to make it. Sarah loves the idea but can't shake the feeling that something isn't right with Ryan's family. Back in the college dorm, Drew compares playlists with Natalie. Her interest piques when they find a shared interest in Joni Mitchell. Natalie says that Drew is a great friend. Drew is slightly disappointed because he wants to be more than a friend.

Joel heads to work while Julia tends to the kids. Heather thinks Kristina and Adam can get donations from previous clients who recorded at the Luncheonette. Adam is hesitant to ask previous clients for donations, but Heather appears persistent. Meanwhile, in studio, Crosby records for a band. Crosby gets heat because the label representative wants a certain sound and the band is not interested in conforming. Joel calls Julia to catch up but he notices that the two kids are quarrelling. Julia sends Victor and Sydney to Zeek who offers to teach the kids a thing or two. Julia thinks it's a good punishment and Zeek shows the kids the car he is working on.

Drew goes over to the studio where he picks up a Joni Mitchell album for Natalie, hoping that this will make a good impression. Crosby comes into the back room and says that he's had enough of the current band. Adam relays that Drew is here for advice and the two proceed to help Drew work his way out of the friendzone. Crosby gets called back to the studio by the band's lead singer. Sarah discusses wedding plans with Amber, including deluxe port-o-potties. Sarah wonders why Ryan's family is not attending the wedding, which is odd to Sarah since her family is large. Amber has learned to not talk about Ryan's family, because it seems to be a touchy issue with him. The next morning, Amber does bring up Ryan's family again. She doesn't particularly like her father but she still wants him at the wedding. Ryan says that the wedding will not be good if his step-dad or mom shows up. Ryan says that his real dad is dead. Amber is shocked to hear but Ryan says not to focus on the past and to look towards the future.

Drew makes plans with Natalie to play her the Joni Mitchell songs. Zeek teaches Sydney and Victor to clean some parts of the car. Meanwhile, Adam rehearses a speech for Crosby to help get donations from previous clients. The label manager comes to the door saying the current band has been dropped from the label due to creative differences. Crosby is elated because he has been having a hard time with the band but Adam would have liked the business the band would have brought in. Crosby now has to find another booking to meet the month's quota. Adam heads to see Mr. Ray who was a previous client. The guy is in a good mood and they talk about the success of the recorded album. Adam hears that Mr. Ray has started his own label so they don't have to conform to any standards. Adam gets an idea.

Adam tells Kristina that he couldn't get a donation from Mr. Ray. Kristina says that she got $25 from a retired teacher. Heather is disappointed by this news, but she scored Kristina a meeting with a millionaire developer. Kristina isn't sure about it because she doesn't support some of his plans. The developer says that he's having trouble getting an apartment project off the ground. Trying to skirt around the issue, Kristina says her focus is going to be on education. Julia goes to pick up the kids. Sydney begs to be taken home, but Victor has taken up an interest. Zeek gets Victor to read something but notices he is struggling. When Sydney offers to take over, Victor gets upset and storms off.

Adam tells Crosby about creating a label. They will record, produce, and distribute their own music. Crosby is interesting but wonders how to get their credibility up. Adam suggests signing the band that just got dropped by their label. Crosby says that the previous label actually owns the songs. Adam vows to get the songs back. Drew plays the song for Natalie, but he comes clean and says that he was just pretending to like Joni Mitchell because he likes her. Natalie doesn't immediately indulge in this, but they continue to listen to music. Julia talks to Zeek about Victor's reading.

Adam sees a cheque for $20,000. While Kristina is happy about the money, but she feels "gross" regarding the donation with the developer and the suggestion that she will help him out when she gets elected. Adam suggests that as a campaign, this is the usual business. Sarah shows Amber the spot where Crosby and Jasmine got married. Sarah wants Amber to consider it has it can hold more people. Amber says that Ryan's past is stressful to talk about. Amber says that this is not Sarah and Seth's wedding; it's not the same relationship. Sarah remains worried but Amber decides that she's going to have the wedding at the lake. Adam goes back to Mr. Ray and tells him about Kristina's education platform. Mr. Ray is interested and gives Adam $20,000 because he has a son and is all about education.

Amber tells Ryan that they are going to get married at the lake. Zeek bonds with Victor and picks up on his knack for cars. Zeek says his eyes are blind now that he's so old. Victor starts to read the manual for fixing the car. Julia smiles. Max tells Kristina that he's proud that she passed on the developer's donation. Max says she would make a good mayor and offers his vote until he can gather more research. Max gives Kristina his own personal donation, $20. Kristina smiles. But Adam is soon home too and he's carrying a bunch of signs for Kristina's campaign.