Season 5 Episode 13

Jump Ball

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jan 16, 2014 on NBC

Episode Recap

Amber cleans up the apartment trying to stay upbeat over Ryan's departure. She finds one of his sweaters in the process and starts to think about him. Meanwhile, Julia wakes up to find Joel missing. She makes breakfast and feeds the kids alone. Joel comes home a bit later, after Julia says he went to work early.

Hank visits Adam at the Lunchonette to give him a photograph. In return, Hank asks Adam for the number of that doctor who tested Max for Asperger's. Amy receives a call from her mom while hanging out with Drew. Drew's roommate comments that it is weird that Amy hasn't told her mom and she has been here for two weeks. Camille returns from Italy and the whole family surprises her. Amber blows off work for a couple of days and goes on a bit of a road trip. Adam tells Kristina about Hank wanting to see that doctor that Max saw.

Adam heads back to Hank's shop and brings the photo back, asking if he could frame it. Hanks says sure and Adam asks if he wants to play poker. Sarah calls Amber but Amber says she wants to be alone for a while.

Julia continues to find difficulty talking to Joel about things. She wonders where he slept yesterday, feeling like she has a right to know. Joel says he spent the night in his trailer at work. Julia wonders what are they doing and how can they fix it. Zeek wonders how he will be spending the day with Camille, but she apologizes, saying that one of her friends is in town and she is meeting up with her. Zeek says no problem. Hank meets with Doctor Pelikan and discusses some of the problems in his life, thinking that Asperger's has something to do with it. Doctor Pelikan doesn't know if Hank has Asperger's or not, but is open to talk about things.

Natalie tries to catch Drew, who runs out of class early. She asks if he is going on the astrology field trip tonight to look at the meteor shower. Drew says he is not sure if he is going. Natalie chastises him, telling him to spend time with his "high-school" girlfriend. Adam tells Crosby that Hank is coming to the poker night. Amber continues her emotional driving, turning up the radio. She ends up at the bar where her dad cooks food, drinking and smoking. When Camille gets home, Zeek offers to take her out for dinner. He made reservations at a fancy Italian restaurant.

Drew tells Amy that he is going on this overnight trip, giving her his meal cards and keys to stay in the dorm room. Drew says he is scared, something is wrong because she doesn't want to go back to Tufts. Amy confesses that she has been having a difficult time at Tufts and she started to feel very alone and isolated. It was not a good feeling and now that she is here, she feels much better knowing that Drew is around. Julia visits Sarah at her apartment and tells her everything about her problems with Joel. Through tears, Julia tells Sarah that she is really scared because Joel seems really upset. Sarah finds it hard to believe that he is really that upset so Julia feels a bit better. Amber tries to fend off an obsessive customer in the bar. Amber gets Seth's attention from the kitchen. He confronts her as she heads to the car and prevents her from getting into the car. She explodes at him and starts telling him about what happened with Ryan. She starts crying.

At the restaurant, Camille tells Zeek about her trip and her plans for future travels. For example, she wants to go to on another trip to France in about three months. Seth calls Sarah letting her know that Amber is here with her. Seth offers to spend some time with her for a while. Meanwhile, Hank gets used to the rules at poker night. Hank clashes with Joel, who remains awfully quiet during the night. After Hank scoffs about the change of the rules, the group pretty much disbands and heads home. Later, Hank apologizes, but tells Adam about his meeting with Dr. Pelikan. Drew feels wary about going on the astronomy field trip. He decides to stay with Amy, who is happy to see him.

Joel heads home and peeks into each of the kids' bedrooms. Joel finally visits Julia in what was once their bedroom. He says he's moving out. Julia can't believe it.

Seth prepares breakfast for Amber and tries to get her to open up. Amber apologizes for saying those harsh words last night. Seth says that Amber is nothing like him. They start eating.

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