Season 5 Episode 13

Jump Ball

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jan 16, 2014 on NBC

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  • Joel needsto stop overraacting.

    Joel needs to get over himself. She kissed that guy but it's not like she slept with him. She's trying to do everything she can to save the marriage and he just doesn't care. He needs think about his family and do what's best like marriage counseling like Julia said. It said that not everyone was happy to see Camille. Look like everyone was there to me. It was kind of depressing but it was ok.
  • I don't get Joel

    Loving the show but not Joel. He seems like a different character. As said in another post they were such a strong couple. I can see how he'd get upset about the kissing but he was already weird before that, seems his behavior is going downhill this season, you can see it happening but nothing else is really justified. He being upset escalated too quickly. (Out of nowhere?)
  • Great episode

    Hank=Aspergers, whodathought? LOL. Joel=waddawuss! Joy Division song "Isolation" used, way cool! And I think Zeke's losing Camille, sad if true.
  • Really?

    How is joel and Julia's marriage suppose to be breaking up. In past seasons they were the intelligent couple that communicated about everything. This new story line does not fit the characters that were originally created.

    This show is getting too depressing!!! No issues. Lighten up. Celebrate something.
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