Season 4 Episode 12

Keep On Rowing

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jan 01, 2013 on NBC
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    Parenthood "Keep On Rowing" Review: Sneak Attack Ninja Sadness

    Even with Kristina shaving her head, Parenthood's return episode was a relatively balanced and even mostly comedic effort where Julia was the only one in a hopeless position by the end.

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    Hank and Sarah begin to date properly while Kristina makes a courageous move and surprises Adam with both a new look and a night out. Meanwhile, Renee faces hard times and Jasmine and Crosby help her with some financial problems. Victor is disappointed on Julia when she gives him news about his mother.


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    • Frustrate

      Wouldn't know there is play button to even watch it
    • Best of US...

      Just love this show and in particular this episode, seems to capture a real slice of American Pie, away from all the power politics (or two horse race), race rows and other divisive issues that seem to divide a great country. Having lost my dad to the little C (big is a word reserved for something impressive, not cruel and selfish the way this disease is), I found Adams frustration and trying to be supportive particularly moving. Great show!!!moreless
    • #412 'Keep On Rowing'

      Wonderful episode. I loved every freaking minute of it. Perfect writing, superb acting, excellent moments. Thank God these writers are keeping it real.

      Ok, first of all - Monica Potter (Kristina) is absolutely incredible this year. I am not a big fan of the character but her cancer storyline is so realistically created that they've completely blown me away with it. Her chemo side effects start to kick in and Kristina's hair starts falling out, that's when she decides to completely shave her head. This of course freaks out her husband Adam (Peter Krause) and he decides to buy her a wig so she could feel normal again and leave the house without being ashamed. But Kristina refuses to wear and they have an argument. But then she unexpectedly surprises him at work, nicely dressed, wearing a beautiful red wig. They enjoy dinner and spend a night at the hotel. The next day they leave the hotel and we see Kristina without her wig holding hands with her husband.

      Sara (Lauren Graham) faces consequences after sleeping with her boss Hank (Ray Romano). She's nervous and a little bit jealous to learn on Facebook that her former fiancee Mark may or may not be having a new relationship. Hank asks her out on a date at the fancy restaurant but they choose to leave and have Chinese and play games at his photo studio. She is surprised to feel so good and relaxed with him and decides to spend a night there. It looks like she's finally getting over Mr. Cyr.

      Another great storyline of the night - Victor. Yes, the boy is a little bit troubled, he is finally getting good grades and wants to share his accomplishments with his mommy - no, not with Julia (Erika Christensen). His really mommy. So she tries to resolve the situation and talks to the boy with a little assistance of her husband Joel (Sam Jaeger) but Victor is determined to see his real mother no matter what. Their biological daughter Sydney is annoyed by the situation and only adds insult to injury when she confronts Victor about his mother and asks him if she's still in jail. He becomes violent and throws a baseball bat at her which breaks a glass door. Now Christina and Joel have to decide what to do, it's not going to be easy and if they put the boy away it will only make them guilty.

      Promo for the next week's episode looks really dramatic and I even predicted it a couple of weeks ago but I don't want to spoil it for you. [10/10]moreless
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      • Despite featured in the opening credits Craig T. Nelson (Zeek), Bonnie Bedelia (Camille) and Max Burkholder (Max) do not appear in this episode.

      • Kristina says in this episode she is 34 years old, but this implausible for three reasons: First of all, that means she had to give birth to Haddie at 15, being pregnant at 14 (Haddie is 19). Second of all, in episode 21, season 2 "Slipping Away" Kristina tells Haddie she lost her virginity to a guy named Roy when she was 15. And we know from the same episode that Adam and Kristina didn't know each other at the time of their respective high school proms. Third, a woman like Kristina would highly unlikely have a baby before she got married. In episode 7, season 5 "Speaking of Baggage" she tells Amber that she and Adam got married in grad school, after living together for a year. Meaning she had Haddie in her twenties, making in impossible for her to be 34 at the time this episode took place.

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