Season 4 Episode 12

Keep On Rowing

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jan 01, 2013 on PBS

Episode Recap

Kristina, Sarah, Julia and Jasmine head out for a much needed girls night. The girls party on the dance floor and have a few drinks. Sarah discusses Mark and Hank and the others try and give her advice. Hank still hasn't taken Sarah out on a real date yet. Everything is going fine until Kristina sees that a clump of her hair is falling out. The girls try to make light of it, but Kristina isn't really in the mood for it. It sinks in and when she gets home, she starts shaving her hair off. She goes to show Adam, who is still sleeping. He's startled by the drastic change and Kristina doesn't take this well.

At the studio, Sarah presses Hank to ask her out on a date. She forces Hank to make a few decisions for once, like the day and time of such an event. Hank decides on Thursday around 7pm. At home, Jasmine tells Crosby that her mom lost her job and may need to borrow some money. Jasmine knows that $5000 is a lot, but Crosby says he will think about it.

Julia picks up Victor and Sydney from school. Victor shows Julia her math test, on which he got 93%. Julia is very proud and Victor wants to show his real mom how well he's doing. Julia isn't so sure about that. At the recording studio, Adam and Crosby talk about giving money to Renee. Adam suggests that Crosby dig deep and give Renee the money. Meanwhile, Kristina continues to run her errands. However, at the butcher's shop, she notices that people are looking at her weird. Later on, she tells Adam that she felt like a freak today. Adam says that it takes time to get used to it. Kristina seems a bit frustrated. Adam sees that she is looking for wigs on her computer.

Julia and Joel tell Victor that they are proud of him for his test mark. They tell Victor that they are his parents now and because his mother is unstable, Victor can't go see her. Victor understands that he can't live with his mother, but he wants to see her from time to time. Adam brings Sarah to help pick out a wig from a store. Sarah says Kristina should come and pick one out but Adam explains that she is embarrassed to leave the house.

Back at Julia and Joel's, Victor is still upset and doesn't want to finish his meal. Sydney wonders again why Victor is getting special treatment. Crosby comes home to tell Jasmine that he supports giving Renee the money. Jasmine thanks Crosby for this, but unfortunately, it's worse than she thought. Renee might have to start living with them in order to curtain her financial problems. Crosby is not exactly content with this. Jasmine explains that it would only be for a month or two. Crosby still finds this difficult to come to terms with.

When Adam comes home and presents the wig, Kristina doesn't really like it. Kristina gets defensive, saying that Adam thinks she is ugly now. Adam denies this and says that he thought that Kristina wanted to get a wig. She starts to cry. Adam doesn't know what to say, but offers to take it back.

At the recording studio, Adam's day has freed up. Crosby comes in, however, lugging some of his personal belongings, explaining that Renee is moving in. Crosby says it's Adam's fault. Adam laughs, he doesn't see what Crosby does with his "art room". Sarah comes home and finds Drew's Facebook open. She sees Mark's page and pictures from New Year's Eve. Then she sees a fellow teacher kissing him on the cheek in some pictures. Drew says it's nothing; everyone kisses people on New Year's Eve.

At the recording studio, Amber says that Marleise has called the fire department. Adam rushes downstairs to find Kristina wearing a dress and a wig waiting near a car. She apologizes for her behavior and knows that Adam was only trying to help. Kristina says that she rented the limo for a great night out. Adam smiles and agrees to going out. Amber, Kristina's accomplice, brings out some champagne.

At Julia and Joel's house, Sydney goes to tell Victor that dinner is almost ready. He's outside in the practice taking practice swings. Sydney starts asking questions about Victor's mother and has overheard that she is in jail. Victor isn't too pleased and in anger lets go of the bat, making it crash into the sliding door and shattering it. Sydney screams out in terror but she isn't hurt. Julia and Joel immediately rush over and separate them.

Crosby finishes setting up the room for Renee. Jasmine thanks Crosby for being understanding but he is upset because he feels like he's been roped into this. Jasmine takes defense, Renee is her mother and she needs help right now.

Hank and Sarah have dressed up and headed out to dinner. Sarah appears unsettled. Hank is still his usual self, but this time asks what's up, after seeing Sarah's attention wander. Sarah admits that she saw Mark online with another woman. They start joking about some of the other people around them and decide to leave before they even order.

Meanwhile, a guy who obviously thinks she is there to meet other people talks up Kristina. Luke, he says his name is. Kristina introduces herself as Jennifer and as a manager. They both say they are 27. Adam comes back to find Luke and Kristina talking. Kristina finally introduces her husband Adam. Kristina says that Luke just made her day, saying that she is 34. She calls over a girl named Laura and Luke and her immediately hit it off. They decide to dance.

Joel comes back from talking to Victor. Joel says that Victor thinks Julia is upset with him. But Joel says that Victor needs to understand that Julia is not mad at him, just his behavior. Instead of eating out, Sarah and Hank get take out and head back to the photo studio. Now they are playing cards on the floor. Sarah grabs Hank's glasses, which are incredibly strong according to Sarah. Hank admits that while he usually shies away from people, he can't help but want to be around Sarah.

At the hotel, Adam plans a night of continued fun, but Kristina is so tired from the day's events. She apologizes for being a tease but Adam is okay with that. They get a video from Amber from earlier that day. It sounds like they had a nice day. The next day, Sarah finds the bed empty and is almost ready to leave. Hank is just coming back from his favorite place to get croissants. He shows her how to eat it in just the right way.

Julia tries to get Victor ready for school, but he's still feeling upset about his actions yesterday. Julia understands and just wants Victor to open his door, but he won't. Renee arrives at Crosby and Jasmine's house and she thanks him personally for allowing her to stay. Crosby smiles, saying he is only sporadically referred to as "a good man". Crosby says he is very happy to have her and especially Jabbar. He hugs Renee. She is really happy to see the room converted into a very nice bedroom.

Adam and Kristina walk out of the hotel. Kristina goes bald, no need for a wig. They get into the limo and head home.