Season 5 Episode 5

Let's Be Mad Together

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Oct 24, 2013 on PBS

Episode Recap

Crosby prepares lunch for Jabbar when Adam comes over. Adam is excited because the Lunchonette label just got the rights to the songs from the recent band, who was dropped from their previous label. Crosby is upset because Adam traded his billable hours for the rights to the song, but Adam says it will all work out. Meanwhile, Max takes pictures of girls in the hall at school for the yearbook. He finds a student crying on the steps and when he takes her picture her friends scold him for being insensitive. A woman takes pictures of Zeek and Camille's property. She is a realtor that Camille called in to make an assessment. Zeek shrugs her off but Camille wants to hear more. Sarah is called into a unit to fix a toilet. After fiddling with it, it causes a leak and a bigger mess.

Joel accepts more changes from his boss, the architect. Julia overhears and suggests putting his foot down because it becomes costly to make all these changes. Joel gets a call from Sarah asking for help with the toilet. Crosby and Adam meet with the rebellious band, who Crosby has had difficulty working with previously. Adam says that the songs have been transferred to Lunchonette ownership and that he wants to work with the band to create a full album.

Kristina talks with one of Max's teachers, the yearbook supervisor. The parents of the girl that was crying called in. Kristina offers to make things straight again, but the teacher wants to take Max off photography and move him to layout. Sarah gets a visit from Ryan. Sarah starts about the argument she had with Amber, but Ryan is really here for the broken toilet.

Crosby records for the band while the lead singer continues to have grandiose suggestions. Adam checks in with Crosby and suggests that he stand up to the lead singer more, since Crosby is obviously good at recording music and knows what will be good for the business. Kristina finds Max at Hank's photography shop and talks to him about the yearbook. She says the picture is beautiful but the girl was feeling very sad at the time and that it was not appropriate to take her picture. Hank pipes in saying that she shouldn't have been crying in the hallway. He and Kristina sent Max to the dark room and they clash over handling the situation. Hank sees real talent in Max. Kristina is proud, all of a sudden, realizing the real beauty in the photo Max took.

Joel tries to talk to his boss, the female architect about boundaries. She suggests a dinner with drinks. Ryan heads back to Amber's place and mentions that awkward conversation with Sarah. Ryan wants to know about the conversation. Amber tries to relate that Sarah was just trying to make sure that they don't make mistakes, like Sarah's marriage. Ryan seems upset because Amber has told Sarah about some of his misgivings. The next day, Sarah checks on Ryan in the bathroom. Tension is high. Sarah senses this and retreats out of the tenant's bathroom. Julia drops Victor off to work on the car with Zeek. Victor is really taking a liking to this and Julia tells Camille how wonderful the car is. Camille says she hates the car and she and Julia discuss the recent problems. Camille gets emotional; she wants her "Act Three" in life. She wants to travel. Julia listens. Camille says it's been a long time with Zeek, but somewhere along the way she lost her voice in the relationship. She doesn't know how to get it back.

Joel chats with Peet, the architect over dinner. Joel is worries about her changes eating up the profits on the project. Meredith Peet has trouble taking his perspective, however. Crosby gets upset when the lead singer asks for yet another round of recording for a single song. Adam tries to get him to focus, but he's fed up and leaves. Crosby heads to pick up diapers but finds Joel in the supermarket in the process. Joel is looking at cakes. He is a bit drunk. Crosby offers to drive him home. Joel tells Crosby about his latest project. While listening to a simple tune on the radio, Crosby gets an idea. Sarah lets the tenant use her shower to her dismay.

Kristina meets with the yearbook supervisor and principal about Max's role as photographer. She hears that Max's experience as student president was also difficult to handle. Max needs more attention than other kids. Other kids need a chance to lead as well. Julia questions Joel about his night out yesterday. Joel admits he was drunk. Julia chooses to not be upset about it. But they soon clash over how to deal with Meredith. Crosby comes to the Lunchonette with a speech. The Beatles, Nirvana, and other artists recorded some of their albums on a tight budget. The thing they had in common was raw music, stripped down to its basics. That's what Crosby suggests and compliments the lead singer, saying he just needs to sing. Adam is surprised but this is exactly what the struggling band needs, guidance from Crosby.

Julia goes to pick up Victor and gets a few minutes alone with Zeek. Julia mentions that Camille is really upset about the car. Zeek tries to deflect. Julia says that Camille gets to have a say in things too. Zeek sees Julia getting emotional and hugs her. Julia says she just had to say something. Kristina tells Max that he can't be the photographer for the yearbook anymore. Max naturally disagrees. Kristina thinks its unfair as well, but she tells Max that sometimes things will and can be unfair but there is nothing they can do. She says she will sit with Max because he is mad.

Ryan tells Sarah that his dad died when he was 11 and that his mom remarried about a year later. The step-dad was physical but this is the reason he left home so early and never looked back. He says not everyone has a family like Sarah's. He says he loves Amber and wants to be worthy of her family. He knows that they are moving fast, but assures Sarah that he knows what he wants. Also the toilet is fixed. After Ryan leaves, Sarah quietly closes the door.