Season 3 Episode 11


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Nov 29, 2011 on PBS

Episode Recap

Jasmine and Crosby wake up in the same bed. Jasmine looks at the time and yells that Crosby needs to go right now because Jasmine's mom is coming in less than 10 minutes to bring Jabbar back home and she's never been late. Crosby and Jasmine agree to talk later, but as Crosby leaves, Jasmine appears to regret what happened last night. Zoey asks Julia if everything is all right. Julia has been put off by Zoey's request for money and tells her that they should spend some time apart. Zoey is saddened by this. Later on, Amber asks Crosby and Adam if they have an extra job for some extra money. Kristina steps up and says that she might have a position for her.

The commercial that Zeek shot airs on TV. Adam wonders how long Kristina is going to be mad at him. Kristina says she doesn't know. Crosby tells Sarah that he would have totally hired Amber but they don't have the extra money. Crosby asks Sarah about his Jasmine situation. Kristina heads back into work and is immediately brought up to speed. She is asked to come in tomorrow, Saturday for an important meeting, but Kristina is taking Max to the dinosaur exhibit. Rachel ponders quitting but Crosby says it will totally blow over. Crosby advises that Kristina hated her too just a few months ago, so things can definitely change. Kristina goes to visit Amber at the coffee shop and says that she has a budget for an assistant. Kristina offers Amber the job but does caution that it is a lot of work. Amber wonders if this is a good idea, but soon accepts.

Kristina tells Max that Adam is going to take Max to the museum. Adam comes home and learns of this but says he has to work. He is upset by Kristina's attitude on this, saying she has to also go into work as if it's the norm. The two parents have to get Haddie to bring Max who isn't exactly happy but obliges. Sarah is going to watch Nora. Back at home, Haddie tries to get in one more hour of studying, but Max is making it difficult by barging in with suggested bus routes and asking whether they can leave yet. Rachel calls Kristina to apologize, saying it was all her fault. Kristina isn't too impressed and hangs up abruptly before heading back to the meeting. Meanwhile, Mark and Sarah try out taking care of Nora and they seem to be doing okay. Haddie takes a break but she goes looking for Max, she can't find him anywhere in the house. But it's too late, because Max is already getting onto a bus. She immediately calls Adam and he heads towards the museum. Haddie also briefs a police officer that arrives at the house. Crosby and Jabbar are spending some time together and Jabbar accidentally hurts his wrist.

Adam has searched the museum but can't find Max. He calls Haddie, seeing if there is any news, but there isn't. They both grow more worried. Sarah and Mark still seem to be having a good time. Julia preps Sydney for the park and a trip to the library. Zoey comes to explain herself. Troy, the boyfriend that put her up to asking for money, is not a bad guy and Zoey explains that they thought it would help Zoey out with her financial situation. Adam has returned home now and he starts calling people in Max's class because he doesn't really have any close friends. Adam tries calling Kristina again but does not pick up. Max now heads off he bus across the busy California city streets. Crosby takes Jabbar to see Dr. Joe to make sure the wrist is okay. Crosby sees the two interact. Adam tries Kristina again, but again the meeting continues until finally she calls back.

But good news, Max has been found in Oakland and a pair of officers has brought him home. Max steps out of the police car and has no real feelings regarding the incident. He wants to go upstairs and feed his lizards, but Haddie stops him and chastises him for not thinking of others. Max only thinks about himself, but Haddie tries to make him realize that there are other people around him. Adam later talks to Haddie and says that she had a valid reason for being upset. He applauds her for dealing with all of these home issues. Next, he talks to Kristina saying that they will just need to communicate better. They apologize to each other and agree to put the last couple of disagreements aside. Jasmine and Crosby talk about their situation. Crosby thinks that Dr. Joe is a really great guy and there will always be a part of him that will love Jasmine. He tells Jasmine that she deserves better. Kristina calls Rachel and apologies, in her own non-apologetic way.

Mark and Sarah have enjoyed their day together and shows Sarah the videos from today with the baby. Mark lets it slip that he could totally see himself having a baby with Sarah. Adam and Kristina take Max and the other kids to the museum to see the dinosaurs. Zoey comes back to Julia's house and has new problems: she had a disagreement with Troy and now he's not letting her stay there. She has nowhere else to go, but Julia offers to let her stay there.