Season 3 Episode 18

My Brother's Wedding

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Feb 28, 2012 on PBS

Episode Recap

Crosby is at the studio and has to tell Lily that he's getting back together with Jasmine. Meanwhile, Jasmine is telling Dr. Joe the same thing. Lily is upset but Dr. Joe understands, even though he is left with the house he just bought. Jasmine and Crosby tell Zeek and Camille. Sarah overhears. The parents are joyous but learn that they want to have the wedding this week! Zeek says to have it at the house. Sarah tells Amber and they talk about Bob as well. Amber hasn't talked to Bob yet and Amber thinks she'll have to pick one. Amber admits that Bob is a pretty good guy and Sarah says that's pretty rare.

Adam tells Crosby about the revised offer for the Lunchonette, which is now more than $2M. Crosby says he is getting married this week and Adam is silenced. Zeek assembles the family for a meeting and delegate wedding arrangements and tasks. Jasmine's immediate family is also there. Crosby announces that a friend is in town so he will be the best man (Billy). Adam gets upset and the two brothers are soon fighting about the Lunchonette deal. The family is shocked but don't know the full details. Adam even knocks Crosby's beer out of his hand and Crosby throws the rest of it back at Adam. They start throwing punches.

Camille helps Joel take apart the baby's room in Joel and Julia's house. Camille laments that she hoped this wouldn't happen. Julia comes in and helps as well. At work, Kristina is on the phone when Bob comes in to her office. Kristina comments that she doesn't trust Bob anymore because of what happened with Amber. Bob argues that Kristina has known him for a long time and has no reason not to trust him. Mark learns of the wedding from Sarah while at the bar (she seems to still be bartending there part-time). They talk more about getting away but now it seems that Mark is the one rethinking the idea.

At Adam's house, Haddie and Max comment about their dad's fight with Crosby. Zeek appears to talk about Crosby with Adam alone. Zeek says to fix it so that Adam can be the best man again. Crosby says she is so happy with the way that Jasmine is loading the dishwasher (recall this became a sticking point last season that lead to a huge argument). Crosby wants to keep the Lunchonette he tells Jasmine. Jasmine, making a lot of sense, tells him that it's not personal. Adam wants to be in a business, but maybe not this business. Drew and Amy are seen kissing in Drew's room. She announces, "she's ready", signaling a deeper commitment.

Zoey appears at Julia's house. When Joel opens the door, Zoey turns away, but Julia rushes after her. Her mom drove Zoey there and says the baby is doing fine. Zoey says that Julia changed her life. Julia sobs and passes Zoey an old watch. Sarah heads to Mark's apartment and becomes sullen. Mark wonders what's wrong and Sarah says what if she can't have children. Mark says that's not a problem. Sarah says she might not want anymore children. Mark says that it's okay, he doesn't have to have kids. Sarah sobs, saying Mark can't say he knows this for sure. In the end, the relationship is over. A sad goodbye and Sarah is out of the apartment.

Julia and Joel head right back to the adoption agency and widen their search for a baby. A counselor notes that sometimes mothers do not make pre-arrangements, so there is a chance a mother might concede adoption in a local hospital at any time. Julia agrees that this could be an option for her. Crosby heads over to Adam's house and concedes defeat: he states that if Adam wants to sell the business, if he wants. Adam says they should probably talk it through a bit more. But Crosby says he's getting married and the obnoxious Billy appears, needing to use the bathroom.

The wedding goes on without a hitch, everyone looks stunning. Crosby is happy to see Jasmine standing up at the altar with him. Jabbar presents the ring. Sydney is the flower girl. The party continues into the night. All members of the family are dancing out in the backyard. Adam manages a dance with her daughter, Haddie, and he mentions that she doesn't have to be worried about Cornell anymore. Zeek is dancing with Sarah and asks where Mark is. Sarah says they broke up. Billy starts to talk to Sarah a bit later. Amber texts Bob and asks him if he can meet. Julia explains the intricate flavors of the cake. Amy and Drew are oddly separated from the pack and Drew suggests they head upstairs to his room. Adam sees Crosby and mentions that the business is sold. Crosby takes this in and apologizes for arguing with him. Adam still thinks that Crosby is upset.

Drew and Amy, meanwhile, have moved upstairs, and start undressing. They don't flinch or gawk. Speeches begin downstairs. But the best man Billy has fallen asleep! So Adam steps up and, although unprepared, tries his best to give a great speech. First the bad stuff, the stuff that Crosby gets a lot of flack for. And then the good guy stuff. Then he talks about the offer and the company. He says he loves going to work with his brother everyday. Adam takes out the napkin offer and rips it up. Crosby is elated. As people start dancing again, Sarah sees Drew and Amy return a bit later.

Amber meets Bob at the office. Amber first apologizes about not calling him back but also mentions that she likes Bob a lot. Through sobs, she mentions that she wants to work here but nothing more. Bob says she can come back as an assistant and nothing more. Joel gets a call from the adoption agency and Julia heads out with him.

Mark shows up at the party and gets Sarah's attention. Mark says that people who love each other don't make concessions. Mark says that they belong together and he wants to just take it one step at a time, but in the right order. Mark proposes and this gets Sarah's smile going. Just as Crosby and Jasmine head out in their "just married" adorned convertible. The adoption counselor meets Julia and Joel at their house and tells them that the baby's mother has been incarcerated. To keep the boy out of the adoption centers, she has released all custody. Except when the counselor opens the door, the boy is not a baby. He's a relatively older boy, maybe 7 or 8 years old, named Victor. Joel and Julia introduce themselves and let the boy into their house.