Season 3 Episode 18

My Brother's Wedding

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Feb 28, 2012 on PBS

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  • A fantastic end to the season

    A fantastic episode from stat to finish. You can't argue otherwise that this isn't one of the best dramas on television. Yet it received a short ordered third season (18 episodes instead of 22). So what is NBC thinking? Well they might be taking a long time to think this one through. The show averages about 5M viewers a week. If you're like me, you're tired of procedural (cop shows and law shows and doctor shows) which NBC currently has a lot of. If you ask me, I wouldn't axe this show. It may not have a lot of explosions or criminals or medical cases, but the aspect of this show is unmatched by most others right now: a sense of family. That warm fuzzy lovey-dovey atmosphere where the latest problem is dealt with and debated by a large variety of family members. Kind of like the Full House but larger with stronger more conventional and modern issues and a little less actual comedy. But the strong underpinnings of this show make is a real winner. The actors are all wonderful. They all play their characters so well. They improvise a bit in some loud boisterous family gathering scenes, I can tell; but it works so well because they know who their characters are and they play them true to their embodiment. The result is what we get to watch every week: a mesh of a pair of parents with their four children and multiple grandchildren. It may not be the typical family, especially in these times. But it is a family that we probably wish we had or aspire to be like. Open with communication, open with emotions (most of the time), and dealing with issues that everyone has to deal with.