Season 5 Episode 3

Nipple Confusion

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Oct 10, 2013 on PBS

Episode Recap

The breast milk pump Jasmine is using to collect milk for the new baby amazes Crosby. Jasmine is tired but admits they are starting to adjust to the baby's difficult crying episodes. Sarah takes photograph of a client's cat for her. Heather is over at Kristina's house and moving forward with the campaign by ordering supplies. Adam offers his credit card but wonders ho much is being spent. Things at Amber's apartment are getting heated with Ryan but Drew shows up saying that his roommate put a signal on the door – maybe something Amber and Ryan should consider. Drew feels awful for interrupting his sister but Amber tells Drew to stay.

Camille watches as Zeek leads a truck into the driveway. On the truck is a vintage 1965 GTO that needs a lot of work. Camille is upset because she wanted to talk about selling the house and downsizing but it seems that Zeek has just unloaded a yearlong car project onto the driveway. Julia and Joel talk to Victor's teaching about his subpar reading skills. The teacher suggests that Victor repeat the 4th grade, but maintains this is only a suggestion. Joel suggests that Julia could help Victor improve his reading skills over the next few months. Julia isn't too happy.

Sarah comes to Adam's studio to borrow the wifi. Adam talks about managing Kristina's campaign budget because Heather is already overspending. Sarah offers to take headshots of Kristina for free to avoid a $900 charge. Jasmine enjoys a relaxing bath but gets somewhat interrupted by the baby's cries again. Crosby shouts that he has it handled, but Jasmine hears it a bit more through the bathroom door. Meanwhile, Kristina thinks she needs some new additions to her wardrobe while Adam suggests that Sarah take the headshots. Kristina is worried but Adam assures Sarah will be professional. Kristina gets defensive when Adam talks budget. Kristina knows the donations are coming but Adam doesn't see it.

Julia wakes Joel after having slept well. Julia laments that Victor really doesn't have very good reading skills. She is starting to agree with the teacher that Victor may have to repeat the fourth grade. Joel tries to dismiss her worries thinking this is another one of Julia's "nuclear" reactions. At the college, Drew finds his roommate in the communal bathroom where he says that he may need some more private time that night again. Drew sees a girl, Natalie, and he shyly makes small talk. Sarah goes over to Hank's studio to borrow some equipment saying she has a human client to photograph. Adam calls Sarah, however, and tells her that he's staying out of the finances. Hank says not to worry but Sarah thinks her own family underestimates her. Hank offers some narration about that: Sarah has been a bartender, photographer, graphic designer, playwright, and now a superintendent. Her family knows her, strangers don't.

Joel and Julia try to talk to Victor about the book he's reading, but he doesn't really seem interested in it. Sarah pops over to Kristina's house and offers her services again. But she shows Kristina pictures of dogs, not people. Sarah does believe in Kristina so she agrees to allow Sarah to take photos. Julia talks to Ed about the possibility of holding Victor back. Drew tries to talk to his roommate because he keeps getting locked out of his room and needs he needs his own space to study. But the roommate doesn't appear to be too keen on listening to Drew.

Crosby tells Zeek that the baby will not stop crying until she breastfeeds from Jasmine. He's been trying to test different nipple-covered baby bottles, but he's not sure it will work. He tells Zeek that he's still not feeling the connection to his daughter just yet. Zeek lies and says that Camille loves the car. Sarah takes photos while Max blurts out tips for Sarah and the chaos of the house surrounds them. Later on, Camille finds Zeek outside working on the car. Camille accuses Zeek of avoiding discussion about selling the house. Zeek doesn't want to sell the house but Camille still wants to have a discussion because it's her decision too.

Sarah heads to Hank's shop and tells him that the shoot went horribly. Sarah shows him the photos and Hank tries to find one that Kristina can use. Hank finds one that he thinks will work. He says it's good and this pleases Sarah. Drew tells Amber and Ryan about his continued roommate problems. When Amber hears he is using Drew's sheets, she is outraged. Amber and Ryan offer to talk to the roommate. So they barge into the room and interrupt Drew's roommate. They sort of the issues and Amber and Ryan calmly leave. Things appear to be sorted and Drew smiles. Julia tells Joel that she wants to hold Victor back because the progress is not what she would have liked to see. Joel is upset because Julia has jumped the shark again. Julia tells Joel about Ed's suggestions, but Joel is wondering what else she told Ed. Joel tells Julia that they were going to take a month and work on the reading, not just a few days and then decide. These things take time.

Kristina shows Adam the photo and they both agree that it turned out good. She talks about defeating cancer and growing her hair back. She agrees that she got ahead of herself but Adam doesn't want to hold her back any longer. He hands over his credit card. Then his other credit card too. Zeek finds Camille outside and reminisces about the house and all the fun they had with their kids when they were younger. Zeek says his third act in life is with Camille and she says she wants more. She wants to travel and meet new people and find herself all over again.

Drew shows Natalie his room and manages to get some private time with her. They play Scrabble and make cute eye contact. Julia continues to coach Victor through his novel. The family sits around him and helps him through the sentences, guiding him and helping to understand what he's reading. Crosby tries again to get the new baby to take the bottle from him. Oddly enough, his calm voice works this time and he gets the baby to drink with some smooth talking. Jasmine listens in to the whole event and is happy to see it all unfold.