Season 5 Episode 3

Nipple Confusion

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Oct 10, 2013 on PBS

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  • The Fight for Autonomy

    Since nobody has written a review for this episode I just want to jot down a few thoughts on this weeks episode. This episode had a definite theme, confidence! Confidence, where to get it and how to hold on to it. Some of us need to find it in ourselves, but others, much like the Bravermans, need others to help us.

    We started off the episode with arguably the episode MVP of this week, Crosby Braverman! His story got to open the episode and closed it with a heartwarming scene. Crosby is having difficulty connecting to his daughter and this week this was exemplified through trying to get Aida to drink from a bottle. For the past few episode we have seen that Crosby and Jasmine's new brood is not an easy child. She's a crier and she is not a sleeper. BAD combo if there ever was one. Now the kid also won't drink from a bottle (really Aida, give your folks a break here). This became Crosby's mission du jour, because not only did the baby really need to start drinking from a bottle to give poor Jasmine a break, but it also made for a nice opportunity to get Crosby to bond with his daughter. After going to his father and getting some dad parenting advice (during this scene both men were holding and playing with bottles that were apparently supposed to imitate the "natural nipple feel". I love the quiet comedy of this show) we saw Crosby end the show by bonding with his daughter and victoriously feeding her via bottle. Well done Cros! You stepped up!

    The other major story of this week was Julia Braverman-Graham. I am not a big Julia fan. This doesn't necessarily have anything to with her personality, which is a little bit to anal for me, but more to do with the fact that I feel she is always less in contact with the rest of the family. More removed from them. For instance, in this episode all of the people with the main storylines went to other family members for comfort or just interacted with them. Julia did not! The Braverman-Graham household always somehow feels like it's not quite on planet Braverman, more like it is its own planet kinda orbiting outside of planet Braverman and occasionally merging with it (this analogy makes no sense, but it's the best I got). I also don't feel like anything was resolved this episode, though it could be argued that perfect hubby Joel got his way, since Julia was helping Victor read at the end of the episode. Victor apparently is struggling with reading in school and the teacher hinted to Julia and Joel that Victor might be held back. This of course put Julia in panic mode and unlike talking to her family, she talked to Ed, her unemployed buddy from the school, who will probably start causing problems in the near future. I do hope they will get back to Victor's storyline at a later date because I think most of the time these days television shows us that as long as long as we work hard we can do anything! And that's great and all, but sometimes people have trouble learning and studying (Amber might arguably fall in this category, but her journey has always been about finding her way in life, not so much her academic career unlike Haddie for instance, who apparently doesn't exist anymore??). Doesn't make them stupid that's just how it works sometimes. So I hope they will make it a season long storyline.

    The other characters that dealt with confidence issues of their own were Sarah, Drew and Kristinna. Poor, shy, Drew was being bossed around by his douchy roommate. Hairy shoulder guy apparently got a lot of nookie and locked Drew out, who then ironically walked in on Amber and Ryan (I still want to call him Luke) trying to get it on. In the case of Drew, who will forever be adorkable shy guy, his sister and her boyfriend needed to find the confidence for him and told his roommate off. Of course he did kick Hairy McHairerson out at the end of the episode so he could play scrabble with the cute girl across the hall. Nice going Drew!

    Kristinna and Sarah's stories were intertwined this week. With Sarah finding her confidence and her way back to Hank by doing her first real person photo shoot for Kristinna's campaign. While Kristinna has found her confidence through this campaign but needed to find a way to get Adam on her side. I love how the episode had this theme and brought everyone together within it.

    Last but not least I have not forgotten about Zeke and Camille. I truly hope we will see more conversations like the one we got at the end of the episode between these two. Camille has shown throughout the run of this series that she wants things, she wants more than just being the Braverman matriarch, while that's arguably the only thing that Zeke wants, being the Braverman patriarch. This seems to be coming to a bit of a head with Camille wanting to sell the house and travel while Zeke wants to stay in that place for the rest of their lives. This potential conflict would have an effect on the whole clan and I think that would be a good thing. This could shake things up nicely. Though I would never argue for the break up of Zeke and Camille! They are tv's perfect surrogate parents.

    This episode felt was probably as self contained as this show gets and it was beautifully done. Nicely rounded and included all the characters in a believable way.