Season 4 Episode 8

One More Weekend With You

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Nov 20, 2012 on PBS

Episode Recap

Adam is upset because Max's friend Micah, the one in a wheelchair, is coming over for a sleepover. Kristina has already agreed to host Micah, despite the fact that she just underwent her first dose of chemotherapy just a few days ago. Jasmine wakes up Crosby because she needs him to help with the party. Crosby just wants to sleep in but he needs to go pick up rental chairs.

Victor seems to be making friends with his baseball team. This time he is invited to come for a burger after the game. Joel and Julia are happy, but Sydney thought they were going skating. Julia says that they can still go skating, but just after they have a quick bite to eat. Ryan visits Amber and tells her that he can't make it to dinner that evening. He says he needs to go down to Bakersfield for a funeral. It's one of the team members from his old unit. Amber offers to go with Ryan for the drive, for companionship. Ryan says yes.

Meanwhile, Mark gets home and looks for Drew, but he just finds him and Amy in bed together. Oops. Victor and Sydney clash at the burger restaurant. Julia tries to calm Sydney down. Amy leaves and Mark tries to have the safe sex talk with Drew, hoping that he will continue to be safe. Drew just asks Mark not to tell Sarah.

While driving, Amber learns that Ryan's friend was named Evan. She learns that he died here because of an accident. Back at home, Adam tries to deal with Max and Micah but Kristina all of a sudden feels sick. Crosby is wrapping cutlery and Jasmine asks him to go to the store and pick up some more items. Crosby is upset because he wants to relax after spending so much time at work. They get into an argument â€" we haven't seen that for a while.

Drew asks for a car to head out, leaving Sarah and Mark alone for dinner. Sarah is a good interrogator and quickly finds out that Mark saw Drew and Amy in his bedroom. Sarah immediately goes into panic mode but Mark says she can't freak out because Drew asked him not to tell her. Mark says to trust him with this one because he thinks that Drew is being safe.

Sydney has had enough apparently and has packed a luggage and plans to leave for her friend's house. Julia and Joel laugh it off but then they get serious. Sydney complains that Victor has been getting special treatment. Joel and Julia understand but they try to explain. Amber meets some of Ryan's friends and they talk about some times in Afghanistan. One of the men there says that Evan took the coward way out, suggesting that Evan killed himself.

Back at home, Adam checks on Kristina who isn't feeling good at all now. She's resting in bed. Max comes in and complains about the sleeping arrangements with Micah, however, soon after they come to a compromise. Back at the motel, Ryan gets into a fight with the guy who was disgracing Evan earlier.

The next day, Joel says that they should take a day and have fun with Sydney. Sarah heads into work with Hank and tells him about the situation at home (namely that she can't talk about her son's sex life apparently). Adam has to diffuse another argument between Micah and Max. He explains that he's not to bug his mother, but Max strides right into her room. Adam and Max find Kristina on the floor of the bathroom, looking very ill. Adam sends Max back to his room and tends to Kristina.

Ryan apologizes to Amber about the fight last night. Amber doesn't understand how Evan could kill himself and she starts crying. Ryan says he's not Evan and it won't happen to him. Amber says it's her first funeral and Ryan says it's his first too.

The party at Jasmine and Crosby's house is going well. Crosby has attended to the guests well and they seem to like the party very much. Jasmine doesn't seem to understand. Meanwhile, Kristina still isn't feeling too well. Adam decides to take the kids out of the house for a bit. Back at the apartment, Sarah questions Drew about reuniting with Amy. Mark blurts out that he told Sarah and the situation dissolves. Mark thought that Sarah was going to stay away from this subject. Meanwhile, Max and Micah are enjoying the party and Adam is asking Crosby for some marijuana for Kristina. Julia and Joel take Sydney skating and try to explain that Victor is as much a brother as Adam and Crosby are to Julia.

Adam delivers the marijuana to Kristina and it's actually helping with the nausea. Kristina immediately falls asleep for the first time in a while. The guests leave Crosby and Jasmine's house and they celebrate the success of the event. They are back to their happy selves and Crosby apologizes for being such a suck earlier. At home, Sarah apologizes to Mark regarding the situation with Drew.

Micah has now left and Kristina seems to be doing better. Kristina thanks Adam for taking care of her. Kristina laments that she thought she would be the only one who didn't get sick from chemotherapy. She was wrong. Meanwhile, Amber and Ryan head back home. Ryan thanks Amber for coming this weekend, especially since it wasn't really fun. Amber decides to pull over and both of them run to the beach. They run into the water and fall into some waves. They hug and kiss.