Season 4 Episode 14

One Step Forward Two Steps Back

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jan 15, 2013 on PBS

Episode Recap

Zeek is woken up by someone and plans to meet him. He tells Camille not to worry. Ryan is the one who called and they meet for coffee. Ryan is still having trouble sleeping. Crosby tries to get Jabbar to eat. At school, Mark sees Sarah who is dropping off Drew's paper. Mark asks her if she wants to get together for coffee or something to talk things over a bit. He says it's only to get some closure. Max comes home from school very upset. The principal says that they cannot get the vending machine back. He yells that he did everything he was supposed to do.

Joel wakes up to an already worrying Julia. She's not sure it's going to work out with Victor. Joel says they need to finalize the adoption but Julia's really not sure. Kristina heads to Max's school and tries to talk to some of the parents on the Parent-Teacher's Association about the vending machines. She knows they fought really hard to get them out, but Kristina hopes they can maybe reconsider. The parents are not pleased; they don't want the vending machines in the school. Meanwhile, Sarah brings some new proofs to Hank. She mentions that she is having coffee with Mark the next day to clear the air. Hank seems worried, but is happy that Sarah told him. Sarah tries to gauge his true reaction â€" Hank wouldn't do something like that he says.

At the construction site, Ryan asks Joel for his job back. Joel isn't so happy to see him back, but Ryan persists. Joel still says no and Ryan is a bit shocked because Amber was the one that suggested going back to talk to Joel. Camille watches Amber bake and notices that something is up. Camille says that Ryan and Zeek have been talking again. Julia tucks Victor in but again doesn't get much response out of him. Adam comes home to see Kristina on the phone, gathering some information. It appears that kids from Max's school go to a convenience store nearby to get snacks anyway so maybe they could have a healthy vending machine placed in the school. Adam isn't so sure that Kristina should interfere. Max will eventually understand about the machine.

Jasmine comes home and talks with Crosby about Renee again. Crosby suggests that Jasmine talk to her mother about being criticized by Renee, but Jasmine doesn't want to do that. Mark and Sarah meet. They laugh as Mark recounts an experience grading a plagiarized paper. Mark asks about Hank and her new job. Sarah says she is seeing him but it's definitely not the most appropriate timing. Sarah tells him about the kiss with Hank in the darkroom, which was during the time they were dating. Mark hears this for the first time.

Julia and Joel meet with Loretta again and appear to be going through with finalizing the adoption. Joel says Victor has made great strides. He's interested in baseball, he's caught up with his math work, and he's been adjusting okay. Julia isn't so sure, but Joel says there are some bumps which is expected. Loretta agrees. You can tell Joel really cares about having Victor in his home. Julia says that Victor doesn't love him though and Joel tries to argue that he does. Loretta senses that the two are still not sure about the full adoption.

Crosby and Jasmine try to tell Renee to not criticize the raising of Jabbar. They say that it just doesn't feel very nice to be judged about these small decisions. Renee apologizes. But Renee points out that Crosby is lax with the discipline. This sets off an argument. Jasmine tends to agree that they should be more consistent with Jabbar's discipline.

Joel and Julia continue talking about the adoption. Joel tries to say that he has doubts too, but Julia dismisses this. Joel then argues that there's no room for doubt because Julia is doing a lot of that already. The two of them are driving and end up at dinner with Crosby and Jasmine at a restaurant. Julia struggles to keep up with Crosby's speech. Julia leaves the room for a minute and Crosby thinks something is wrong. Crosby goes to find her and sees her crying. Julia tells him about Victor and Crosby tells Julia about first meeting Jabbar. Crosby tells Julia that she is such a good parent and that he himself aspires to be like her.

The next day, Jasmine tries to talk to Crosby about arguing with Renee. Crosby suggests that Jasmine has taken Renee's side but Jasmine feels like Crosby should apologize. Crosby wants Jasmine to confront her mother. Amber attempts to see Ryan. He opens his door and they chat for a bit. She heard that he talked to Joel and Zeek. Amber suggests going back to Joel one more time. She says she can't come in but Ryan is happy that she came by.

Julia tells Victor that they are going to finalize the adoption next week. Julia asks him if this sounds good and Victor says yes. Julia turns to Joel. She says she's still not 100% sure, but she is ready to take that leap. At the next PTA meeting, Kristina brings up a motion to get the vending machines back in the school. Some of the other mother's are clearly upset about having this debate over again. Kristina says that the vending machine can provide healthy snacks to the kids and at the same time take in some money that can help the school cover some programs.

Mark finds Hank later on one night. Mark says that Hank kissed Sarah when he knew that she was engaged. Hank says to relax. But Mark says that he's not going to let Sarah go and says he's going to fight for her again. Ryan comes to see Joel one more time and brings donuts. This hits the spot and he tells Ryan to grab his gloves. This time Joel is going to teach Ryan a few things first so he can be better prepared on the construction site. At home, Renee brings her dinner to her room, saying that she just doesn't want to interfere with things.

The next day, Hank tells Sarah that Mark is planning to win her back. Hank wonders why Sarah told Mark about the kiss. Hank doesn't want the drama. He apologizes saying he wasn't calculating anything. It was something that happened. Hank says he wants this relationship and this surprises Sarah because she's never heard this before from him. Hank starts to leave because now Sarah has to make a decision. Both Mark and Hank want Sarah.

At school, Max's friend tells him that the vending machines are back. Max races over to check them out and is elated for their return.