Season 4 Episode 14

One Step Forward Two Steps Back

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jan 15, 2013 on PBS

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  • #414 'One Step Forward, Two Steps Back'

    First of all - it was not the worst episode but it was just average. The Bravermans just didn't deliver this week, not every episode needs to be perfect. I didn't like the fact that Drew wasn't even in this episode considering his last week's story line. I know it was kind of mentioned when Sara talked to Mark in that coffee place but they should have included him too. I am growing tired of the love triangle (Sara, Hank, Mark) and she really needs to pick one of them and move on from there. Hank expressed his serious interest in her and Mark promised to fight for his love. Just end this soon, please.

    Ryan (the guy that used to date Amber, military guy, remember?) is still having some trouble adjusting to his new life and cannot find a job after being let go (or should I say walking out) from Joel's construction site. Fortunately for him, he gets his old job back (Joel is such a good man) and it looks like Amber's not entirely over him yet. I still hope those two get back together in the season finale next week, they were sweet together. And Kristina finally solves Max' problem at school and the poor guy gets what he wanted - his beloved vending machine is back with healthy food and it's sugar free. Of course. Dear 'Parenthood', you need to do something better and more original next week for your season finale ;) but I believe they will have a great finish to this amazing season. See you next week. [7.0/10]