Season 3 Episode 15


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Feb 07, 2012 on PBS

Episode Recap

Crosby wants to by some new equipment for the studio but Adam laments that they haven't even paid off the building renovations yet. They head into a music store and find a mixer who's been working at another studio. The friend wants Crosby to call him if they ever need a new sound engineer.

Kristina says Amber got a promotion because Bob Little wants Amber to be his personal assistant. Bob comes by and Amber is surprised. Meanwhile, Zoey, who is still staying at Julia and Joel's plays with Sydney. Sydney is under the impression that Zoey's baby will be her brother, which doesn't sit so well with Zoey. Dr. Joe is showing Jasmine a house online and he wants Jasmine to move in with him. Dr. Joe says that he is very sure about this but Jasmine, while smiling, is visibly hesitant.

Mark shows Sarah some people they are going to see at an upcoming event with Mark's friends. Sarah comments that Mark looks exactly the same as his high school yearbook graduation picture. They also check out Mark's girlfriend at the time and they both agree that Sarah is better looking. It was his only serious relationship besides his current one with Sarah. The cello player, Lily, records another track and Crosby is recording it. Adam comes in and says he wants to score that band that the mixer at the music store mentioned. Adam wants Crosby to reach out to this band because he's met them a couple of times. Crosby is more interested in mastering Lily's tracks.

Bob wants Amber to sort out comments from people he has met to determine what are important issues and what aren't. Amber answers the phone for Bob and it ends up being Bob's mom, so she quickly passes the phone off to him. Jasmine meets with Crosby and explains that Dr. Joe asked her to move in with him. Crosby is down about this but is rational, saying he is not sure of this. Jasmine explains that the house is nearby to their current location but she says she hasn't told Dr. Joe her answer yet. They agree to think it over and decide in a couple of days.

At work, Julia finds out that Zoey has unexpectedly quit. Later that evening, Amber is still at work and Bob comes over to see what she's up to. It's becoming clear that Bob has a liking for Amber. Bob leans in for a kiss and Amber doesn't think twice. At home, Julia and Joel find out that Zoey has left, moved out. Julia is upset because she thinks Zoey will change her mind again. Joel doesn't know what to say and offers a hug instead. Adam tells Crosby the location of the band and suggests bumping into the band. While Crosby hesitates, Adam presses him to do it.

The next day, Kristina says she heard only good things about her from Bob. Sarah tries to plan her outfit for tonight when she meets Mark's friends. Camille guides her and learns that the couple is talking about having a baby. Mark introduces Sarah to his friends later that night, including Mark's ex-girlfriend, Kirsten. Sarah tries to take in all the new information that the friends provide. Sarah pipes in that their relationship started with a scandal. The next morning, Mark gets rave reviews of Sarah. Sarah agrees that Mark's friends were equally nice.

Kristina notices flowers on Amber's desk. Amber is nervous, thinking they are from Bob, but they are actually from Sarah. Julia gets a call from Zoey saying she went to the doctor for a check-up and he advised bed rest. Julia tries to ask where Zoey went and what is happening. Zoey doesn't divulge too much. Sarah calls Amber and again congratulates her on the promotion. Amber doesn't think this is deserved, and is overwhelmed by this, especially because she thinks she is getting too much special treatment from Bob. Crosby and Adam hit the bar where the band is heading. Crosby works the band, trying to swing the band over to their studio. Crosby can't badmouth his friend so he signals Adam for support. The band comes over and Adam starts selling his studio.

Meanwhile, Bob heads over to Amber's apartment and says that Bob genuinely likes Amber to being his assistant. He believes in Amber and wants her to come to work tomorrow. Lily finds Crosby at the studio the next day. They were able to get the band in to check out the studio at least. He admits selling the studio was hard because he had to go against his friend who is still mixing at his previous employer.

Mark and Sarah are driving, but Sarah says to pull over because she needs a breather. Sarah explains that she is 40 and if they want a baby, they need to decide soon. Mark says he does love Sarah; he doesn't need to go anywhere else, or meet anyone else. Amber heads into work the next day to Bob's delight. Joel confronts Zoey outside her run down apartment. Joel asks if Zoey is going to change her mind because Julia will be heartbroken. Zoey says no, she is not changing her mind, but she needs her space. She is not finding this adoption process easy. Jasmine comes over to Crosby's house with Jabbar. Jasmine says she wants to move in with Dr. Joe. Crosby says okay, a short-winded answer that Jasmine is shocked to hear. Crosby says he trusts Jasmine. Crosby gives her a house-warming gift, which is sweet and thoughtful: two pieces of a ballet bar that have been made into a set of door handles for the new house.